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i woke up, a little yawn escaping my lips, and i sat up in bed, blake asleep next to me.

"blake." i mumbled and he didn't reply.

i poked him, saying his name again, and he grumbled, trying to pull me to lay down with him again.

"wake up." i laughed, resisting his embrace, but he shook his head, keeping his eyes closed, so i just straddled his stomach, and his hands went to my waist, holding it gently.

he opened his eyes and smiled, gazing at my face, and i giggled, grabbing the covers and pulling them up, so they were draped over my shoulders as i sat on blake's stomach, his hands still holding my waist.

there was a knock on his door, and i clambered off him, instead sitting up next to him, pulling the covers up to cover my exposed top half, and blake called, "come in."

joe opened the door, "we're about to go down to have breakfast, if you wanna join us?"

"okay, thanks, we'll be down in about ten minutes." blake said and joe nodded, walking out with a smile.

blake leant over to kiss me for a minute, before getting out of bed and grabbing some clothes, and i just watched him for a moment, then got out of bed, grabbing some clothes myself, and pulling them on.

the two of us went down to breakfast, and brad beckoned me to sit next to him, so i obliged, grinning to him as he grinned back.

"hey, gorgeous." brad said softly as i sat next to him, at the end of the table, him to my right, connor and george the other side of him, tristan and james opposite brad and i, and blake and next to them, opposite connor and george.

"hey." i replied to brad, and the two of us talked, mainly to each other, over breakfast.

when we'd finished, brad smirked at me as we both stood up, and i smiled to him, before i went over to blake and the two of us returned to our hotel room to get ready, all of the others doing the same.

"thanks for such a great first show to kick off this tour." blake shouted into his microphone, and i smiled as the boys came running off stage, to their dressing room, where i was, as i'd been watching their show from a screen in their dressing room.

"guys, that was such a great show." i grinned when they all walked in, "congrats." i added and they thanked me, happy and energetic smiles on their lips, blake coming over to hug me immediately.

"don't touch me until you've showered." i warned playfully, but he ignored me, pulling me into a sweaty hug and sitting next to me on the sofa.

i groaned, but secretly didn't mind, and the boys and i all sat and chatted in their dressing room for a while.

"this tour has to be so much better than the last one." blake looked to me with a smile on his lips, him regarding the troubles both of us had on their last tour, and i nodded, smiling back.

"it has, and it'll only get better." i grinned and he leant forwards just to peck my lips.

"do i get first day of tour sex?" blake asked, grabbing my butt as my arms slipped around his neck, as we walked into our hotel room.

"do you want it?" i teased with a smile, already knowing the answer.

"of course." blake pressed kisses down my neck, before returning to my lips, kissing me hungrily.

blake grinned, gently pressing two last kisses to my neck as the two of us lay down next to eachother, our breathing heavy, the covers draped over us.

i closed my eyes, my arm resting across blake's stomach, and mumbled, "goodnight."

"night, babe." he replied softly and i sighed contently, falling asleep shortly after, blake doing the same.

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