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a.n. should i change the name of this to stepbrother // blake richarson or leave it as secretly yours // blake richardson ?

(three weeks later)

blake walked into my room and sat on my bed, and i got up to close the door, "mum and your dad've just left." blake mumbled.

he pulled me to sit on his lap, so i was straddling him, and he immediately kissed me.

i unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off his shoulders, as he pulled my shirt over my head, and i trailed my hands down his chest, stopping when i got to the top of his jeans.

moving my hands down a little further, i smirked at his hard-on, and i popped the button on his jeans, unzipping his flyers.

he stood up, lifting me, and turned around, laying me on my back on my bed, as he pulled his jeans down, before kneeling over me, leaning down to kiss me again.

i cupped his cheeks, and he effortlessly pulled my shorts down, then unclipped my bra, his kisses trailing down my neck.

"have you ever had sex before?" i asked softly, and blake looked up.

"um, no." he mumbled, blushing a little.

"are you ready?" i asked and he nodded with a smile, pressing his lips to mine again as i pulled his boxers down with his help.

"shit." blake said breathlessly, laying on his front next to me on my back.

"was that alright?" i giggled softly, turning onto my side to kiss his shoulder.

"better, you're so beautiful." blake mumbled, looking at me with a smile.

"ditto." i said, wrapping the covers around us tighter as he put an arm around my waist.

"i love you." blake said softly, and i turned my head up to look at him, a smile breaking out on my face.

"i love you too." i giggled, and he pecked my lips.

i groaned, hearing the front door open downstairs, as i quickly got out of bed and grabbed my shirt and shorts, pulling them on with underwear, chucking blake his boxers, jeans and shirt which he quickly pulled on.

i sat back on the bed, and put my laptop between us, playing a movie and setting to about half way though, as blake pecked my lips again, and i called out, "hello."

soulla and my dad walked in a moment later, smiling to us.

"you two've gotten closer recently." my dad said.

"yeah, well we are basically brother and sister now." i smiled, the two of them and blake nodding.

"alright, well supper's going to be ready in about an hour." soulla said, before she walked downstairs, my dad following her as i exhaled in relief, giggling softly and shuffling closer to blake, his arm around my shoulders.

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