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"morning." i mumbled sleepily when i woke up, and blake smiled at me.

"i'll be back in a sec." he stated, getting out of bed, causing me to whine from the lack of heat, but blake just smiled at me as he pulled on boxers and joggers.

i heard blake's feet patter back up the stairs, his face popping around the side of the door a moment later.

"here you go." he said softly, passing me a mug of tea as he kept one for himself, sitting next to me, our backs resting against the headboard.

"thank you." i mumbled gratefully, my hands warming as i lazily rested my head on his shoulder.

"what do you want to do today?"

"the fayre starts today." i stated, "can we go?"

"yeah, what time does it open?"

"ten, probably."

"it's quarter to, do you want to start getting ready?" blake asked softly and i nodded, finishing my tea and getting out of bed.

blake followed me up and pressed a kiss to my lips, before wandering into his own room to get dressed.

i put on super skinny, blue jeans, with a cute white cropped tee, a grey hard rock café hoody, along with white and pink superstars.

not bothering to knock, i walked into blake's room where he was pulling on a white t-shirt and he smiled at me, pulling me in for a hug.

"are you ready?"

"nope." i scoffed with a giggle, "makeup and hair."

"i need to do my hair, too." blake remembered, walking into his bathroom as i went back into my own.

i brushed my hair, leaving it natural, and started on my fairly minimal makeup, with a little eyeliner and highlight.

blake lead me downstairs, where we said goodbye to our parents, before we got into his car and he drove to the fayre.

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