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"i'm gonna miss you." i mumbled, walking into blake's room once i was ready, to see him throwing some final things into his suitcase.

"i'll miss you too, princess." he said, zipping his suitcase up and standing up, opening his arms, which i gladly walked into, and he pulled me into a hug, his arms around my waist, mine around his shoulders.

i picked up his two guitar cases, carrying them downstairs, with blake behind me, carrying his other bags, and after one flight of stairs, i stopped, putting down blake's guitars, and turned around.

"i probably won't get a chance to do this again for a month." i explained, and leant up to kiss him, his arms immediately slipping around my waist, my hands cupping his face.

i pulled away, our breathing heavy, and picked up his guitars again, walking down the other flight of stairs.

blake and i got into the back of soulla's car, "just in case i don't get a chance to say it later, i love you." i said.

"i love you, too." blake smiled, just before his mum got into the driver's seat and started the engine.

"bye, blake, i love you, darling." soulla gushed, pulling her son into a hug.

"thanks, you too, mum." blake said with a smile, and she checked over the final things and told him to brush his teeth twice a day.

"you'll smash it, guys, have fun." i grinned, hugging reece and george, them thanking me, before i pulled blake into a hug.

"thanks, sis. see you." blake said, and i smiled but internally sighed, unable to kiss him, and he gave soulla and i little wave, as he walked away with his hand members.

"ah, at least it'll be nice to have one less male's mess in the house." soulla joked, smiling to me as we walked back to her car, and i laughed lightly, nodding.

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