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(two days later)

"lexie, will you come to a dinner with me tonight?" dad asked me as i walked down the stairs.

"mike and rachel's?" i asked and dad nodded, "i thought you and soulla were going?"

"yes, we are, but they have a son who's now going, and so they've invited you. he's just a year older than you, if that's any more likely to persuade you." dad playfully winked and i laughed.

"i'll come, but i'm not currently looking for romance, dad." i laughed and he grinned.

"well, i think you should." he smirked, "and now that blake's not here, there's no one to protect or distract you."

"what do you mean, protect or distract?" i asked, nervous incase he'd caught on to blake and mine's relationship.

"protect like an older brother does, and distract as you were hanging out with him a lot as brother and sister." dad said.

"oh, yeah, i get you." i said, relieved he didn't suspect anything between blake and i.

"so, will you come?"

"yeah. what should i wear?"

"well, you don't need to dress up too much, as we're just going to their house, but don't go in trackies." dad said, a light-hearted smile on his face and i nodded, "oh, and we leave at six."

checking the time on my phone, to see it was just before five, i wandered upstairs and sat on my phone for a while, before getting into the shower.

i did my skin care and dried my hair straight, before just starting on light makeup, consisting of just a little concealer, eyebrows, eyeliner, fluttery eyelashes, bronzer and some highlighter.

my towel still wrapped around me, i stood in front of my wardrobe, deciding what to wear.

after trying on a couple of outfits, i decided on dark blue super-skinny jeans, and an off the shoulder white shirt, the front of which, instead of buttoning all the way down, i tied into a loose knot at the bottom.

i put on a silver necklace and slipped on two cute, silver pandora rings, before putting on a pair of black heels.

i sprayed myself in perfume, grabbed my phone, and took a mirror photo of my outfit, posting it to my snapchat story, before walking downstairs at about five to six.

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