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(a week later)

over the past week, blake and i hadn't talked very much, but at least we were now on better terms.

luke and i had hung out a bit more, and he'd kissed me a few times, but i still missed blake, and he came home tomorrow.

(the next day)

blake's plane was delayed, so he didn't end up getting to the airport until 9pm, and soulla and i picked him up.

blake first walked to his mum, hugging her, before turning to me hesitantly.

i extended my arms to him with a smile and hugged him, "hey, blake, how was tour?" i asked, not wanting soulla to realise anything was off between the two of us.

"it was great, thanks, sis." blake said, and i detected the slight hint of venom in his voice as he said the last word.

"that's good." i smiled, ignoring it, and the three of us went back to soulla's car, talking the whole time about his last month.

"hey, blake." my dad said, when we walked in, and he pulled blake into a hug.

"hey, how're you?" blake asked.

"i'm very good, thanks, you?"

"yeah, i'm good, thanks. it's nice to be home." blake said with a smile.

"it's lovely to have you back." soulla gushed.

i picked up blake's guitars, taking them upstairs to his room, him following me, carrying his suitcases.

we all had dinner downstairs, cooked by dad while we were picking up blake, before blake went up to bed, tired after the long day of travelling, and i went up to bed too.

i didn't go into blake's room, though i wanted to, as we weren't back to normal, and he was being a bit short with me.

i sighed, sitting up in bed, giving up on trying to sleep, as i hadn't been able to get to sleep for the last two hours, my mind just wandering, and i wished to be with blake, as he was finally back and i could be, but i wasn't.

after a minute of deliberation, i walked into blake's room quietly, just in an oversized t-shirt that probably once belonged to him, it being 1.36am, my phone in one hand, the other rubbing my eyes tiredly, before moving to cover up a yawn.

i knocked lightly on his door and opened it, a lamp on dimly, and i quietly said, "blake?"

"can't sleep?" he asked and i nodded, so he patted his bed next to him.

i went and got into his bed, laying down next to him, "i miss you." i said quietly, but i knew he heard me.

he looked at me, a sad look in his eyes as he offered me a little smile, "i miss you too." he said, and i moved towards him, his arms slipping around my waist.

"i'm sorry." i mumbled after a few moments of silence, "i love you."

"no, i'm sorry, and i love you too." blake said, "now, get some sleep."

i closed my eyes, content now that i was in blake's arms, and fell asleep quite quickly, him doing the same soon after.

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