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blake: ooo where you going??

me: for dinner at my dad's friend's house

me: with soulla and dad, and mike (dad's friend) and his wife (rachel) and their son apparently

blake: how old's their son?

me: dad said he was a year older than me

blake: oh okay

blake: well have fun x

me: thank you, miss you x

blake: miss you too x

i locked my phone before stepping out of the car when dad pulled up, him and soulla doing the same, as the three of us walked up to the door, dad ringing the bell.

it was opened a moment later by a pretty woman, who looked a few years younger than dad, and she smiled when she saw us, "hey, guys, come on in, make yourselves at home."

she stepped aside, allowing us to enter, and dad hugged her, "hey rachel." he grinned.

"it's good to see you, mike's in the living room." she said, dad hurrying in there after thanking her.

"hey, lovely, you must be rachel." soulla smiled, and the two hugged, soulla giving her a bottle of wine as a thank you for having us, before following dad into the living room to say hello to mike.

"hey lexie." rachel smiled, turning to me, and i mirrored her smile, and handed her a box of chocolates dad had given me to give to her.

"thank you, babe." she hugged me, "you're seventeen, right?" she asked and i nodded, "gosh, i haven't seen you since you were about fourteen. our son, luke, just turned eighteen, i don't think the two of you have seen each other since you were toddlers." she said, before calling him downstairs, "you're gorgeous, by the way." she gave me a friendly, playful wink and i blushed, thanking her.

luke walked down the stairs a moment later, and he was very good looking, and if i wasn't with blake, i knew i'd go for him.

he grinned at me, discretely looking me up and down.

"luke, this is lexie." rachel said, "lexie, luke." she turned to me, motioning to her son.

"hey." i smiled, and he extended his arms, so i stepped forwards into them, him hugging me.

"would you like me to help you with the cooking?" i offered, turning back to rachel.

"would you mind? you don't have to, love."

"no, of course, it's fine." i said and she smiled, leading me into the kitchen, as luke walked into the living room.

"hello, lexie." i heard, and turned around to see mike.

"hey, mike." i grinned, and he pulled me into a fatherly hug, "i haven't seen you in ages." i pouted.

"how're you? you're starting to look just like your dad." he grinned and i laughed.

"i'm good thanks, and oh, don't say that." i teased.

mike went with rachel to retrieve something, and luke walked into the kitchen a moment later, "mum, wh— oh, hey." he said, realising rachel wasn't in here.

"she just went upstairs." i explained.

"oh, okay, thanks." he said, "you look good, by the way."

i blushed lightly, thanking him, and he smiled, "how old are you?"

"seventeen, you're eighteen, right?" i replied and he nodded, rachel walking in a moment after, "hey, guys. you okay, luke?"

"yeah, i just came to find you but you weren't in here. do you want me to help?"

"no, i'm okay for the moment, thank you, i've got lexie." rachel smiled and luke nodded, before returning to the living room.

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