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"hi, lexie. how's maisie?" my dad smiled when i returned home, the three of them sat on the sofa.

blake scoffed at my dad's question, but i ignored him, and he sulked upstairs.

"she's good thanks." i smiled, "what's up with blake?"

"we're not really sure. he says he's fine, but he's been sulking all day. he came down about an hour after you left." soulla said and i nodded.

"alright, i'll try and see." i said, following blake upstairs.

i knocked on his closed bedroom door, and heard him grumble a, "no." but i walked in anyway.

"what's up?" i asked, standing in his doorway.

"how's your boyfriend?" he scoffed.

"my what?"

"your boyfriend."

"i met maisie, she's a girl, i'm straight." i chuckled, confused, and blake chucked me his phone.

i looked down to see a fan had tweeted me a picture of me hugging jay, omg, is this your boyfriend? he's so cute, i ship you <3'.

"oh." i mumbled, blake raising his eyebrows, "he's gay."


"he is." i giggled, getting my phone and facetiming him.

"hey, lex."

"hi, jay, look." i said, sitting next to blake and getting him in shot.

"ooo." jay smirked, looking at blake, causing me to giggle.

"he thinks you're my boyfriend." i said, jay bursting into fits of giggles.

"you're hot and all, but i'm not really into females."

"oh." blake mumbled.

"thank you, jay. see you soon." i smiled.

"bye." he said, and i hung up, smirking at blake, "see."

"sorry." he muttered.

"it's alright." i said softly, "please don't just assume things."

"i won't. can i kiss you?" blake asked, and i nodded, him immediately pressing his lips to mine.

"i'm sorry." he repeated, pulling away, burying his face in my neck as my arms wrapped around his shoulders and i hugged him, his arms slipping around my waist.

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