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(the next day)

i groaned at the glare on my phone screen as i checked the time, and got up, stumbling into my ensuite to shower, washing my hair and body, cleaning my teeth and my face, before i dried and got dressed, pulling on black, skinny jeans with a light grey, lace up top.

i dried my hair, leaving it natural, and did fairly minimal-coverage makeup, adding wings to my eyes, then sprayed some perfume and pulled on a cute pair of ankle socks.

grabbing a small, burgundy handbag, i shoved my phone, money and keys in, along with some lipstick and gum, before hurrying downstairs, kissing dad and soulla each on the cheek, putting on a pair of black boot-heels, and getting into my car, driving to town.

today i'm meeting one of my friends, maisie, and we're shopping and grabbing lunch together.

"hi, babe." maisie smiled as i walked into costa, where i was due to meet her, and i joined the queue, hugging her.

"hi, mais, how're you?"

"i'm good, how's blake?" she winked and i giggled. she knows i think he's hot, but she doesn't know i like like him, and that he like likes me.

"he's fine." i giggled, then ordered a medium hot chocolate to take, as maisie ordered the same, and we left costa, sipping our drinks.

"you look super cute today." she grinned and i blushed.

"thanks, you too." i said. she, like me, had black skinny jeans on, though her's were ripped, and she was wearing a plain white tee, with a red and black checked flannel around her waist, and nike trainers.

"jay!" i squealed, hugging him when i noticed him walking past us.

"oh, hi lexie, maisie." jay smiled, and we chatted for a bit, before maisie and i went to grab some lunch.

we went to nandos, of course, and while we were waiting for the food to arrive, she started taking loads of cute photos of me, and i discretely posed for them, and she sent the best ones to me, posting one on her instagram, where i'm giggling, the caption 'lunch date 💓'.

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