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i was woken by a knock at my door, and i mumbled, "come in." as i sat up, rubbing my eyes.

my hand moved up to cover a yawn, as luke walked in, "hey." he said and i smiled sleepily.

"breakfast is ready, if you want some." he said.

"oh, thanks." i picked up my phone, checking the time, 9.32.

"hey, pass that here a sec." luke said and i furrowed my eyebrows, looking up at him.

"why?" i asked.

"i'll put my number in. we should meet up again sometime." he grinned.

"oh, okay." i said, going to contacts and handing him my phone, not wanting to be rude.

"there you go. i'll see you downstairs in a minute." he said, passing me back my phone, now on messages, and i looked to se he'd texted himself off of my phone, so that he had my number.

"you look cute by the way." he grinned and i chuckled.

"not really, but thanks." i smiled to him, putting my phone back down and getting out of bed.

i brushed my hair and put back on my underwear from the previous night, luckily the t-shirt teaching my mid-thigh so i was decent to go downstairs.

"morning." i smiled, walking into the kitchen where luke was at the island, dad, soulla, mike and rachel sat at the table.

"morning, love." soulla smiled, the others greeting me too.

luke motioned for me to take the other seat at the island next to him, and i did, him handing me a plate.

"thank you." i said softly.

"bye, see you soon." luke hugged me.

"see you." i smiled, subsequently hugging both mike and rachel, thanking them, before getting into the car with dad and soulla.

"you and luke seemed to get on pretty well." dad smirked, glancing at me in the rear-view mirror as he drove.

i rolled my eyes playfully, "shut up, dad." i laughed.

"he's very good looking." soulla smiled.

"guys." i whined, my grin proof against my annoyance, "we're just friends. i literally barely know him."

"fine, fine." dad pretended to surrender and i laughed.

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