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(3 days later)

i sighed, getting up from the couch and walking upstairs in a sulk, as blake had pretty much been ignoring me over the last couple of days.

yeah, i guess we spent quite a lot of time downstairs, or with our parents, but he didn't cuddle me overnight, and only kissed me about twice, both of which were pretty short, and both of which i had to initiate.

"lexie." i heard blake mumble from the other side of the door a minute later.

he walked in without a response, and sat next to me on my bed, cupping my face and pulling my lips to his.

i pulled away, unable to cover up a smile, causing him to smile, too.

"so you were grumpy about me not doing that for a while?" blake asked and i nodded, "i'm sorry, it just dawned on me that if we got caught--"

"if." i him off. "we won't."

"alright, girlfriend." he smiled, and kissed me again.

"i've come to make up for all of the cuddles i've missed." blake stated, walking into my room and getting into bed next to me, pulling me closer to him, then turning me over so he was spooning me.

i woke up to kisses being pressed to the back of my neck, and moved my hand behind me to ruffle blake's hair.

"g'morning." he mumbled, and i turned around in his arms.

"morning." i smiled, and pecked his lips.

i checked the time, 10.27, and yawned, "i've gotta go to a signing, today." blake said.

"alright." i mumbled, cuddling up to him further, as he traced shapes on my waist with his fingertips.

"blake!" i heard soulla shout from downstairs a minute later.

i sighed as he let go of me, and got out of bed, pressing a kiss to my forehead, before going into his own room and getting dressed.

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