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soulla took a group selfie of all of us, and luke put his arm around my shoulder for it, and she posted it to facebook, tagging all of us.

"you guys have to stay over." mike offered, a little drunk.

"no, we don't have any clothes or toothbrushes or anything." dad said.

"we can give you clothes, and we have spare toiletries that you can use." rachel said.

"are you sure? we don't want to impose." soulla said, rachel and mike smiling.

"yes, of course." rachel said, "i'll show you guys your rooms."

it was currently about eleven at night, and the six of us were sat in the living room.

we all got up to follow rachel, her leading us upstairs, "this is mine and mike's room.." she motioned to a room, "you guys can have this one." she smiled to my dad and soulla, "this is luke's room, and lexie, you can have this room." rachel said, motioning to the room opposite luke's.

"thank you." i smiled, opening the door and dropping my phone onto the bed.

luke followed me in, "do you want one of my shirts or something to sleep in?" he offered.

"thanks." i smiled, and he went to his room to retrieve a plain grey one, handing it to me.

"the bathroom's just down there. i'll let you change, and put deodorant and a toothbrush and stuff in there." luke stated and i thanked him again, him closing my door on his way out, allowing me to change into his shirt.

i picked up my phone when it buzzed, signalling a text from blake.

blake: you and that luke guy seem pretty close

me: haha not really, idrk him x

blake: that's not really what it looked like

me: what do you mean??

blake: mum's facebook post

blake: the two of you look pretty cosy

me: oh

me: he just put his arm around my shoulder for that photo

blake: nice

me: are u upset?? x

me: blakeee

me: blake don't ignore me, i love u x

i went to snapchat, taking a selfie where i was pouting sadly, sending it to blake, which he opened almost immediately.

blake: who's shirt are u wearing

me: what??

blake: in ur snap

me: oh, it's luke's

blake: you're staying over??

me: yeah, dad and soulla wanted to x

blake: why're you wearing his clothes??

blake: you have plenty of your own, and plenty of mine

me: because i didn't know we were gonna stay over, and i didn't want to sleep in my dress or just in underwear, incase someone walked in in the morning

blake: couldn't you have worn some of rachel's clothes?

me: i didn't want to bother her, she'd already gone to bed, and luke offered

blake: okay

me: g night, i love u xx

blake: night

i sighed at his jealousy, despite nothing going on between myself and luke, and i doubted anything would go on between us, but blake wouldn't understand that unless i explained to him in person, which i now couldn't do for a month.

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