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(three weeks later)

blake walked into my room, immediately getting into my bed next to me, and pulling my lips to his desperately.

"hi, baby." i mumbled and he just slipped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him as he deepened the kiss.

blake was going on tour for a month, leaving early tomorrow morning, and i wasn't going with him.

"i'm gonna be dry for a month." he pouted and i laughed.

"you better." i teased and he smiled.

"give me something to remember." he smirked, pressing his lips to mine, hands trailing up my now-bare torso, gliding along my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps.

i did the same to him, trailing my hands over his lower stomach, down to the top of his jeans.

undoing his belt without looking, now well accomplished at doing so, i proceeded to pop his jeans button and undo his zip, his larger hands then helping me to pull his jeans off, our lips never parting.

blake undid my bra after taking off his own boxers, leaving me just in pants, and i moved so i was sitting on his stomach, just above his crotch, his hard-on lightly touching my bum.

i leant down, pressing kisses all over his neck, littering his skin with hickeys, and he lightly moaned as i simultaneously moved my hips back towards his crotch, blake's hands grabbing my bum.

"there's something to remember." i said, laughing lightly as i pulled away for a moment to look at his neck.

"my turn." he mumbled, flipping us over and pulling down my pants, his lips pressing kisses to my stomach, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

he left hickeys on my neck, some on my chest, before moving down to kiss my inner thighs, leaving a single hickey to my inner right thigh.

blake moved back up to kiss me, to muffle my moans as he moved his hips against my own.

"i love you." he groaned, lips passionately kissing my own.

"goodnight, princess." blake mumbled, pulling my front to his, his arms around my waist.

"g'night." i said softly.

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