Chapter 6 part two

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Niall's Pov

  I walked into Caitlyn's hospital room.She was laying there asleep.I didn't know what to do I was getting worried.I stepped outside them door and walked up and down the hallway.Several nurses asked me," if I was ok."

     I didn't reply I just kept walking.Finally I decided to go tell her.I reached for her door and turned the knob.I took a deep breath and walked in.She was still lying there asleep.Her hair covering her beautiful blemish free face.My heart was racing faster and faster with every step I took.I reached her bedside with m heart racing so fast it would skip a beat.I moved her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.She rolled over.Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me.Her beautiful green eyes sparkling as she smiled.She whispered,"Niall."She reached out and touched my hand.I clenched her hand and helped her sit up.She in a sleepy voice,"Niall what are you doing here?"

     "I came to talk to you."

   "What do you have to tell me?"

  "Well this is going to be hard to tell you.I paused then continued,"Well I have to leave tonight.I really wanted to stay with you for your surgery but,management wont let me.I am so sorry.I know I promised.I didn't mean to broke it."

    She put her finger on my lips and said,"Shhhh Niall it's ok.I knew they wouldn't let you stay.You are famous.It's ok I am fine."

     "I am going to miss you."I hugged her."Let me see your phone I will give you my number.Call me or text me anytime.Skype me or FaceTime me too."

    She handed me her phone then said,"I promise I will tell you when I am home.I am going to miss you too."

     I handed her back her phone then hugged her again.Then I leaned in close to her about an inch away from her face.I kissed her.Her lips were warm and tasted sweet.They were soft and fireworks went of when I touched them.She kissed me back.We kept kissing.The kisses were getting deeper and deeper.Then she pulled away trying to regulate her breathing.Her nose was touching mine and she was staring into my eyes.As she whispered her warm breath touched my face,"Niall I'm going to miss you.I really am.I hope I can see you again."She kissed my cheek then turned her head.

    I touched her chin and turned her face towards mine.I said,"We will see each other again.I will make sure of it."

    I tear slide down her face as she said,"Niall can you go?Please Niall just leave me be."

     "Bye Caitlyn I'll miss you."

  She whispered,"Bye Niall miss you too."She turned her head and I left the room.

    I left the room feeling hurt.She wanted me to leave.I kissed her then she didn't want to see me again.I love this girl and she doesn't seem to love me.I just don't know what to do or how to feel.

    Caitlyn's Pov

 I was sleeping when I felt something warm slide across my face.Then something warm touched my forehead.I woke up suddenly to see Niall looking down at me.I smiled and whispered,"Niall."

    He started telling me how he couldn't stay with me.I felt like I was going to cry did I like Niall.I thought I liked Harry.Then he kissed me.His lips tasted sweet like different types of food.I wanted to kiss him more trying to figure out what his lips tasted like.It felt amazing kissing him but,I got confused.I pulled back suddenly overwhelmed and confused.I kissed his cheek then turned away letting a tear slip down my face.I was screaming in my head.Don't cry in front of him.Caitlyn just don't but it was two late.I politely asked him to leave not wanting him to see my upset.I don't know why he has seen me cry before.The door closed and I just lost it.I started bawling.I was thinking about Harry,Niall,My surgery tomorrow,My parents,My sister and how I feel.I was thinking about the night I spent with Harry.The kiss we shared.The kiss I shared with Niall.What my parents saw.How happy my sister was at the concert.How scared I am for my surgery.I know I told them I was fine but the wasn't true.It was never true.My crying was getting worse.I didn't seem to feel better at all.I felt like I never would.Then Harry walked in.


 Hi!!! That was chapter 6 Part 2.I hate writing about Niall being sad.Well I want to know who you think Caitlyn should end up with.Are you on team Harry or Niall? I just can't choose.There both so sweet to her.I love to hear what you guys think about my story. If any of you want me to read your story just inbox me or comment and I will try to read them. Oh my Gosh today two years ago One Direction was formed.I am so proud of them.

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