Chapter 11

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Caitlyns Pov :

 I woke up in Harrys arms he was asleep.I pulled out my IPhone which my parents got me right after my surgery.A get well gift as they would call it.I looked at the time it read 8:30pm.I shock the sleeping Harry I was wrapped up in.He didn't wake up so I kissed him.He woke up with a cheeky grin growing on his face.I yelled,"Harry Edward Styles why didn't you wake me up?"

    "You looked so peaceful babe."

  "Well now I won't be able to fall asleep tonight."

    He picked me up then yelled,"We can stay up all night."His cheeky grin got larger as he carried me out of the room singing up all night.I loved to listen to him sing.He has an amazing voice.I was laughing the whole way to the living room.This what I love about this little boy,His childish glow.I loved the cheeky smile he always wore.I loved his curls,his bright green eyes.I loved everything about this boy.He dropped  me on the couch then jumped on top of me.I let out a yelp.Then he rolled off me and said,"So what do you want to do?"

    I joked,"Let's waste time chasing cars."

  He laughed.Oh do I love the way he laughs it makes his dimples show.He said,"Lets do this my little Cat."

    My mouth dropped open as I said,"Styles I was joking."

   "Ok Cat,"He said stroking my hair pretending I was a real cat.I let out a pur.We both start laughing and laughing causing our stomachs ache.By that time we had fell on floor holding our stomachs.

    Zayn walked in and said,"What happened to you two?"

    Harry laughed as he said,"It's just my little cat being a cat."

     Zayn looked at us weird then said,"I'll just leave you two to your whatever your doing."He walked out of the room utterly confused.We laughed at Zayn making our stomachs hurt even more.This as been the best night I have had in a long time.

      We both stopped laughing.I was still clutching my stomach as I stared at the ceiling trying to catch my breath.Harry was doing the exact same thing.He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.He said,"So honestly what do you want tonight?"

    He spinned me around causing me not to focus on what we should do.He kept spinning me around making me dizzy.I said,"Harrrrry this is not helping."

   He giggled spun me around again and said,"It's not.Well then we won't ever reach a decision."

     He kept spinning me and I yelled,"Harry if you don't stop spinning me I will straighten your hair."

   He quickly stopped spinning me and yelled,"You wouldn't."

   "Oh I would styles,I would."I twirled on off his curls.He had me wrapped in his arms.I was holding on to him cause I was still extremely dizzy.

   He said,"Fine,now what todo?"

  "Well since I am still slightly dizzy do you want like go to the movies or something like that?"

    "Sure I'll check what movies are playing."He took out his phone and started typing something.He looked up at me and said,"So we can see batman."

    "No,seen it."


"No,that looks stupid."

   "Uhmm The Katy Perry Movie."

 "Seen it."

 "ughh have you seen everything."

 "Pretty much."

 "Well then why did you even mention it."

 "I don't know maybe there was a new movie out."

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