Chapter 30

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Caitlyn's pov:

It's Christmas eve and were all extremely joyful and excited.When I woke up Louis was dancing around the kitchen to Christmas music.Harry cooking pancakes,Li wrapping gifts while watching tv.Zayn and Niall playing card games.I screamed as I walked in,"Merry Christmas Eve everyone!"

They screamed back "Merry Christmas Eve Caitlyn."Louis ran over to me and tackled me in bone crushing hug.

I laughed,"Good morning Lou."

"Morning Catlin." I messed up his hair then walked away smiling."No babe,one does not mess up my hair and simply walk away."

"Yet I just did darling."

"Caitlyn Cat come here."

"No,"I screamed.I ran behind Harry and grabbed his waist."Harry save me Dr.Carrot is trying to get me again."

"The Mirror we have a mission I need you."

Zayn jumped up and screamed," Advance towards her."

I screamed,"Come any closer and the pancakes get."

"Not the pancake,"Niall screamed jumping up,tripping on a chair,leaping towards Harry grabbing the spatula out of his hands and yelling,"I saved the food.Do what ever you want to the girl."

I screamed as Zayn scooped me up in his arms,"Niall how could you trade me in like that?"

"Sorry babe I wanted the food."

Louis tackled Harry while Zayn carried me up the stairs.He brought me in his room,pulling me into his bathroom and into the shower.He sat down,placed me on his lap and closed the curtain.He held me extremely tight so I couldn't escape.It was awkwardly quiet for about a minute before I asked,"Zayn why are we sitting in a shower?"

"Figured Harry wouldn't look for you in a shower."

"Good enough reason."

Zayn opened his mouth and it seemed he would speak but,we heard a screaming Harry,"Cat women where are you?"

I was gonna answer but Zayn put his hand over my mouth.I struggled a little,I licked his hand but it didnt phase him.Oh my gosh what's gonna get to this kid?I tried to kick my way out but he just wrapped his legs over mine so I couldn't move.That sneaky little butt munch.I decided to just stop struggling or things would get even more awkward and annoying then they already are.I heard Harry's voice getting nearer and I so badly wanted to scream my guts go but,Zayn would go crazy.So I just laid there in Zayns arms.I heard the door open and I just went bazerk.I tried to push myself out of his grasp.He was to strong and pushed me down.Some how he ended up hovering over me pushing me down.I got an idea and banged on the tub with my elbow.Harry screeched,"Cat women." I was just about to say something or move my elbow to hit the tub when Zayn fell on top of me.Crushing me I couldn't even make a sound of pain.I guess we made a little more noise then planned,well Zayn planned.Harry opened the curtain and gasped,then he kinda just stood there.Me and Zayn didn't move at all stay completely still.Harry then said,"Uhmm what happened in here."

Zayn tired to get up but slipped on the tub.I grunted as he fell on top of me again.Harry grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him up.Me and Zayn sat on totally different sides of the tub just looking at each other.Harry raised an eyebrow and I said,"I was trying to escaped so he tackled me."

Harry shrugged before pulling me out of the tub and running off with me.Zayn screamed,"No she's mine."

Harry laughed,"Well technically Zayn she's mine."

I screamed,"Harry run Zayns coming."

Zayn laughed as he tried to lunged towards us but fell short hitting Harrys leg.I laughed.Harry ran into the closest room,Nialls.He was in the laying on his bed on the computer eating chips."Hey Nialler can me and Caitlyn hide in here from Zayn and Louis."

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