Chapter 31

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Caitlyn's pov

I woke up in the morning to Harry whispering,"Merry Christmas Love."His voice was still groggy and sounded super sexy.He kissed me cheek and tightened his grip on me.He kissed me one more time before,Louis came running in the rest of the boys behind him.Louis yelled,"You two Love birds get up so we can open gifts."

I groaned,"I'm to tired to get up."

Harry said,"If she isn't getting up then I'm not either."Tightening his grip even more,which I didn't think was possible.

Niall jumped on the bed,"Got yo lazy bums out of dat bed."He tried so hard to talk like that making me laugh.

Harry exclaimed,"One can't lay with his women on Christmas without being disturbed?!"

"Nope,"They all shouted in unison.Then they all started jumping on the bed,yelling and screaming at us.Harry scooped me up and jumped out bed,me in his arms."Finally."

He carried me downstairs and set me down on the couch."So boys how do you guys usually hand out the gifts?"

Louis jumps up,"I do it."He started passing out the gifts.Harry sat next to me,smiling.When Louis was done we all started to open our gifts.Harry said,"Open mine last."

"Ok." I opened my gift from Liam,It was the toy story movies and the little Alien guy earphones."Thanks Liam it's adorable."

He smiled,"Just figured you needed something to watch when you're missing us."

I opened Louis gift next.He got me the cutest little frame with a picture of all of us in it,making faces.I smiled."Thanks Louis I Love it."

He smiled so big it looked like his face was gonna fall of."Turn it over."

I turned it over to see words.Cat women if you ever need a couple super villains or superheroes.Just give us a call we'll be there faster then Niall can eat ice cream.We love you.Love Louis (Dr.Carrot)"Oh my gosh Louis that's adorable.I love it so much."

"I'm glad."

I opened Zayns next.He got me tickets to three of their concerts and plane tickets."Oh my gosh Zayn that's a crazy amout of money.Well I bet you didn't have to pay for the tickets with backstage passes but whatever."

Zayn laughed and said,"Well you have no excuse but to visit us."

"Thank you so much." I opened Nialls gift.It was a One Direction hoodie and t shirts with pictures of them on them.There was even one with us on it."Niall I love them."

"Now you are always close to your heart when you wear it."

"Aww Niall that's cute."

I opened Harry's next.He was looking at me smiling.I opened a little box to see,a little golden slushie necklace.I smiled.He handed me another tiny little box.I opened it to see a ring.It was beautiful,small little diamonds.He said,"Look inside the ring."

It read: I love you."Oh my gosh Harry that's the cutest thing I've ever seen."

I hugged him,"It's so you always know I love you."He put it on one of my fingers.

I kissed him."I love you Styles."He kissed me again letting this one linger.

Zayn screamed,"So who wants to go party before our little Cat leaves us?"

Harry groaned,"I wanted spend time with just her."

Louis whined,"You have to share her!"

Harry crossed his arms,"Fine I'll share."

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