Chapter 8

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Louis Pov:

  We got home from the store I sat down to watch tv when I heard a scream and a door slam.I got up off the couch.I heard Niall scream,"Lads come here."

   All the other lads rushed in the room.Liam yelled,"Niall what's wrong?"

   "Its Harry," he yelled.He pointed to Harry who was slowly entering the room.

   I yelled,"What in the name of carrots did Harry do?"

 Niall yelled,"He is dating Caitlyn and he didn't tell us."

    We all looked at Harry shocked.Zayn said,"You're dating Caitlyn?"

    Harry said in a soft voice,"Yes."

  Niall yelled,"How long have you been dating her?"

  "The day before she got her surgery."

  Niall yelled his voice rising by the moment,"You have been dating her for two weeks and you didn't say a thing."

    Harry looked at the ground as he said,"Caitlyn didn't want to tell you guys yet.She was afraid of what you guys would say."

    I said,"Why would she be afraid of what we think.We love her."

    Harry mumbled,"I don't know man I don't know."

  Niall said,"I don't care why you didn't tell us.It's just why do you have to sent me a freaking rude text."

   Harry yelled,"I was jealous ok."

  The room got silent then I grabbed Niall's arm and dragged him upstairs.He was complaining the whole way up but,I didn't care one bit I had to talk to him.I pulled him into his room and shut the door.I sat down in a chair crossed my legs rubbed my chin and rest my elbow on my knee.I said,"Now Niall tell me everything."

    He chuckled then said,"I like Caitlyn.So when I found out that Harry was going out with her I just lost it.She is so perfect.Why does Harry always get the girls.To make everything worse was the way he told me.Louis I hate him."He handed me his phone and showed me the text.My jaw dropped open as I read it.I couldn't believe my Haz wrote that to Nialler.

   I said,"Niall the text is extremely rude.I understand why you would get mad.Don't worry about Caitlyn it just means she is not your princess.There are better girls out there."

     "No Lou there isn't.Caitlyn's perfect.She has to be my princess."

   Tears were forming in Niall's eyes so I hugged him and said,"Niall it will be ok.Someday you will find your  princess it just might not be Caitlyn."

   His tears were getting my striped shirt all wet.He said,"Thanks for helping me Louis thanks."

      "No problem Nialler no problem."

  He continued to cry on my shoulder the tears falling on my shoulder less frequently.I was rubbing his back in small circle.He said,"Louis can you please get me a sandwich?"

   "Sure thing Niall."

  I went down stairs and started making Niall a sandwich.Harry got up from his spot on the couch and sat down on a chair next to me.He whispered,"Louis is Niall mad at me?"

     "A little,you should talk to him.Do you want to give him this sandwich?"

    Harry didn't look so thrilled by my suggestion.He hesitated before saying,"Uhmmm I guess."He took the sandwich out of my hands and slowly walked up stairs.I look of fear spread across his face. Now I wished I didn't tell Harry to talk to Niall.

Nialls Pov:

  I was sitting in my room my eyes still wet from tears as I waited for my sandwich.The door slowly opened and I smiled and said,"Louis is that you with my sandwich?"

   "Uh no,"I heard a thick deep British voice say.Then I realized it was Harry.Anger filled my eyes as I saw Harry emerge from behind the door."Niall I brought you your sandwich."He handed me the sandwich.I looked into his eyes only to see a painful look.It killed me to see him like that but,I was still outraged by him.

      I looked at him and said,"Thanks."

  "Your welcome."He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the comforter before saying,"Niall we need to talk."

     "Do we have to talk now?"

  "Yeah Niall we kinda do."

 "Fine even know I don't want to hear it."

  "Niall I am sorry.I didn't mean to send you that text.I just got jealous when you were talking to her.I wasn't suppose to tell you about me and Caitlyn cause She was going to tell you but,I screwed that up."

    I looked up at him then said,"I am sorry I got so mad it's just I thought it was rude that you didn't tell me I thought we were friends.Why didn't Caitlyn want to tell us,well me."

    Harry blurted out fast so I could hardly understand him or that's what he thought,"Caitlynknowsyoulikeher."

   I sat there shocked for a minute then replied,"W-w-w-what I don't like her."

   "Man I know you do I mean who wouldn't she is amazing.It's just she didn't want to hurt your feelings."

   "Fine Harry I like her."She didn't want to hurt my feelings?"

    "Of course she doesn't want to hurt your feelings.She cares for you Niall."

    "She cares about me?"I said with a smile slowly appearing on my face.

   Harry looked at me and snarled slightly before saying,"Niall you know she doesn't like you like that."

    "I know Harry I am sorry."

  He looked at me anger filling his eyes once again as he said,"Niall she is my girlfriend.Now we are good right?"

   "Harry calm down I know.Sure yeah were good."

  Harry left the room.I couldn't tell if he was happy or angry with me.I sighed still unsure with this whole situation.I smiled remembering what Harry said about Caitlyn caring about me.I couldn't help but think what If we still have a chance?What if she will go out with me?What if she doesn't know who she likes?Niall stop this madness she has a boyfriend.A boyfriend  that is one of my best lads.I just have to stop thinking of Caitlyn.A girl who I want to be my Princess.

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