Chapter 33

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Caitlyn's pov :

After about a while of crying my eyes out I fell asleep on the plane.When I woke up it was time to leave.I grabbed my carry ons and rushed to go fine my family.I missed them all so much even my stupid brother."Caitlyn!"I heard my mom yell.

I turn around and engulf her in a hug."I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

Dad taps his foot,"What about me you didn't miss me?"

"Of course I missed you dad."

My the littlest sister hugged my leg and began to cry,"I thought you were never coming back."

I ran my fingers through her hair",How could I not come to see you little munchkin."

She smiled as the older sister punched my arm,"Good to have you back,I hate to say it but I missed you."

"Yes,"I cheered.

My annoying older brother,Derrick said,"Oh look miss Annoyings back."

"Oh shutup Rick."

"You know I hate being called Rick."

"Oh I know,"I said smirking.

"I hate you!"

"We all know you love me and missed me too!"

"Wow wow way too far."

"Enough kids,"Mom said

We grabbed my suitcases and we drove home.It was nice to be back in my room.My one direction posters covering the wall.I laughed at think I have the real pictures.My queen sized bed in the middle of my room the auburn comforter.The widows covered with a sheet so light doesn't leak through. Lights lining the windows and quotes cut out of newspaper tapped on the sheets.My little couch in the corner I missed it all.I lay on my bed and my eyes start to drift off to sleep.I wake up to my mom screaming,"We are going out to dinner everyone be ready in ten."

I wake up and groggily fix my hair and stumble downstairs.I plop on one of the chairs in the living room.Im like half asleep when dad walks in and says,"Looks like things haven't changed much."

"Ugh I groan."Oh yeah sure looks like that."

"Oh Caitlyn."

"Oh dad,"I mimic.

"You almost ready."


We get into the car around ten minutes later.All being super loud like normal.They sure haven't changed.

*2 weeks later*

Harrys pov :

I miss her so much.I hate not seeing her everyday.Not holding her in my arms.Not kissing her.Not seeing her smile.I miss every single thing about her.Its killing me.Its been two weeks and I basically just stay in my room all the time unless I have to work.Im always texting her or on the phone with her.She never leaves my mind.The boys seem to be getting worried about me.Ive been ignoring their constant pestering to go get up and do something.My Caitlyn seems to be doing good.She seems happy to be back home.The only thing I'm happy about is possibly seeing her when we go on tour,which starts in three days.Liams been stressed out telling us to pack.We have an interview today,I don't really want to go but I have to.I get dressed in a simple top and pants.Just running my hand through my hair.I walk downstairs,"Louis I'm gonna go get some coffee before we go to the interview."

Louis screams,"Oh my gosh everyone he moved! He's going outside! This is a miracle!"

"Oh shutup Louis,"I said pushing Louis off the couch.

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