Chapter 25

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Caitlyn's pov

It's been a couple days since I've seen any of the boys and I'm dying to see them,well maybe not Liam so much.Im feeling so much better now So Eleanor took me home if I could even call it that anymore.I still love the people in it but they can be such well boys I guess that's the nicest why I could put it.Well we finall got there which seemed like the longest 20 minutes of my life.All the boys attacked me in hugs and kisses.Louis screamed,"My love have I missed you."Then he laughed,"Oh sorry Eleanor my love I didn't see you there."He hugged both of us at the same time and kissed our cheeks."Well I guess there's enough of me for both of you."He laughed more and then let go of both of us.

Harry hugged me and kissed my cheek repeatedly which kinda tingled.Then he said,"Caitlyn I missed you so much.Do you really have to leave soon?"


Zayn said,"Caitlyn babes I missed you."

"Missed you too Zanie." Liam hugged me and I could feel the tension. "Li you ok."

A small tear slide down his face and he said,"I'm sorry I hurt you.I love you so much I couldn't believe. I did that.Sorry."I kissed one of the falling tears on his cheek,the salty substance tickling my lips.A smile crossed his face as he said,"Do you forgive me?"

"Yes."He hugged me then all of a sudden I was attacked by five of the craziest childest boys ever.Then those stupid kids started tickle me.I fell into one of the boys arms yet they still continue to tickle me until I was gasping for breath.Then once I was completely out of breath they threw me on the couch.Then they stared at me while I gain my breath,before they jump on me completely crushing me and again leaving me gasping for air.Finally they get off me and I say,"You stupid boys could have killed me did you think of that?"

They all laughed and Harry said,"Well maybe we want to kill you babe."

"Harry I hate you."

"No you don't love."

"Yes,you do."

"No."I crossed my arms as Harry walked closer to me."No just no."

"Yes Love Yes!!"

"No."Harry was an inch away from my face which was really awkward yet highly desired.Just when he was about to kiss me,when I was finally excepting the fact that I was still in love with Harry,The stupid lads interrupted.

Louis screamed,"Stop flirting you two."

He backed up from me and I walked up too my room.I unpacked the tiny little bag that I brought with me to Els.I was so tired from everything and the lack of sleep because all the stupid crying.I passed out on the couch.When I woke up all the boys were looking at me with super wide eyes.They were whispering,"Should we wake her up?"

"No lets not she didn't get any sleep when she was at my house."

" But,She's been asleep for TWO days."

I jump up and scream,"I've been asleep for TWO days!"

They still kinda just looked at me awe struck and silent like I was speaking some foreign language.Niall said,"She's awake.I thought you died."

"Im not that easy to get rid of Niall.Oh no guys what day is it?"

Zayn looked at his phone then replied,"It's December 12th.Why?!"

"I'll be leaving in 14 days we need to go party."

They laughed and Liam replied,"Caitlyn you should rest and just stay at home all day."

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