chapter 5

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Liams Pov:

  Niall and Harry didn't seem themselves during the concert.Niall was jumping around as much.Harry was just lacking energy.The only thing I can think about was they were upset about Caitlyn being in the hospital.

      When the concert was over we had a couple things todo before we were able to go back to the hospital.Including stopping at McDonalds because Niall was hungry.He also wanted to get Caitlyn a little something.I think Niall might fancy her.

    We reached the hospital it was pretty late.Niall stopped me before going into Caitlyns room and said,"Liam can I spend the night at the hospital?I promised Caitlyn.She looked so happy when I told her I might stay the night.Please."Niall's big puppy dog eyes were staring at me and there was no way I could say no.

    "Fine Niall.I don't have a problem with it but we might be busy."

    Niall hugged me and said,"Oh thank you Liam."

  We all walked into her room.She was wide awake watching tv.She turned off the tv and turned to us.She said,"Hello boys."

  I said,"Hi Caitlyn.How are you feeling?"

Harry said,"Hi Love."

 Niall said,"Hiya."

 Zayn said,"Vas Happening?"

Louis said,"How you doing girly?"

  She said,"Hi Harry,Liam,Zayn,Louis and Niall.I am doing fine.How was the concert?Oh good God where's Jessica?"

  I said,"The concert was great.Oh don't worry about Jessica we brought her home.Harry remembered where you lived so we didn't have to bug your parents."

   She smiled and said,"Did Jessica have a fun time?"

  I said,"Yes,She couldn't stop jumping up and down from excitement.We gave her a shirt with our autographs on it and she was over the moon."

   She smiled,"I am glad she had fun."I could see why Niall liked her she had a gorgeous smile and beautiful long locks of hair.Snap out of it Liam you have a girlfriend,Dani.

     Zayn handed Caitlyn the bag of McDonalds.He said,"We thought you might be hungry."

   "Oh boy I am I.Thanks guys."She opened the bag and smiled and said,"Wow you guys got me exactly what I wanted."

   We all laughed as Caitlyn pulled out a hamburger,French fries and a milkshake with a shocked face on.She said,"Wow guys you know me so well already."She laughed then started eating her food.

   We talked to Caitlyn for about an hour and half before Harry said to me,"Liam I am going to stay the night at the hospital."

  I said,"Did Niall tell you he is staying too."

 Harry looked at me with one of his eyebrows raised and said,"Niall is spending the night too?"

   "Yes.Me and the other lads should get going."

  Harry said,"Ok see you later Liam."

 Everyone said good bye to each other.I left the hospital leaving Niall,Harry and Caitlyn there.For some reason I felt like this wasn't a good idea.I quickly wiped that idea out of my head.

   Harrys Pov :

  When Liam told me that Niall was spending the night here too I got angry.How come no one told me?I was deep in thought when Caitlyn's voice snapped me back to reality.She said,"Harry are you ok?You look pretty upset."

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