Chapter 18

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Liam's pov :

   Niall and Caitlyn are always with each other it's quite cute actually.Harry and Alyssa started dating.Lou and Eleanor still going strong,me and Dani I love her so much.Zayn and Perri well they have a long distance relationship since Perri's traveling so it's pretty hard.Its now November and Thanksgiving is in four days.Its getting really stressful over here.Everyones family's are coming over even Caitlyn's.Her brother doesn't want to come he is going to stay with his girlfriend but the girls are coming.Kates going to meet Niall's family.Caitlyn and Niall finally decided to tell their parents about them dating they didn't take it well at first.We don't now who else's girlfriends are coming.I woke up to a scream.Louis yelled,"You can come.Omg it's going to be so much fun now that you can come.".

    I groaned as I rolled out of bed slightly upset that Louis woke me up but that's ok I had to get things ready and ease the tension.It's so crazy around her right now.I slipped on a shirt and slugged downstairs to where Lou was sitting.I plopped on the couch next to him and said,"Lad what's going on?Is everyone awake yet?"

    "El is coming to Thanksgiving dinner.No."

   "I thought El was modeling in America?"

   "Well she was but now she's not."He had a smile plastered on his face that wouldn't go away.His eyes were glowing.Niall and Caitlyn walked in hands intertwined and talking to each other.Louis still in his extremely happy mood yelled,"Guess who's coming to thanksgiving dinner?" They stopped walking and looked straight at Lou.They didn't answer they just waited for Louis to tell them.He did,"El that's who's coming."

    "That's great lad."

  "Yay!! I'm glad I get to see her."

  Caitlyn walked over to Lou and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.She said,"Girls night out!!When is she coming."

    Lou screamed,"Eww you kissed me.Caitlyn Cat kissed my cheek."They both started laughing loudly."Shes coming tomorrow."They both stood up and started jumping around and dancing like weirdos.I started laughing and so did Niall.They were so cute dancing around like big kids.Me and Niall went into the kitchen and left the two to dance around like crazy.I went into the cabinet and took out the pop tarts.I put two in the toaster and turned to face a Niall who was look at the ground.I raised my eyebrow at him but,he didn't notice.I patted his shoulder and said,"Are you alright mate?"

    He looked at me with an expression extremely unreadable.He said,"Well."He looked into my eyes then back at the floor before continuing,"I'm afraid Harry still might like Caitlyn and of what her parents are going to think of me."

   I wanted to laugh a little Niall was acting crazy but I understood.I said,"Niall I can talk to Harry if you want me too.Caitlyn's parents are going to love you who doesn't love you.I mean your Niall Horan."

    He laughed,hugged me and said,"I'd like that.Thanks lad."

    "Anytime Nialler anytime."

  Bing!!! Went my pop tarts.Niall grabbed my pop tarts and left the kitchen smiling.I yelled,"Niall."But I didn't really care I just smiled at the now happy lad.I put in two more pop tarts as Harry walked in.Oh I guess it's just have a heart to heart coversation with Liam while he waits for his pop tarts to heat up day.Harry started to walk to the fridge when he was me.He stopped right in front of me and said,"Liam can I talk to you."

    I got serious even know all I want to do was eat.Oh I'm starting to sound like Niall.I said,"Yeah Harry I had to talk to you anyway."

    He looked straight into my dark eyes as he said,"I'm so confused right now about everything and I don't know what to do."

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