Chapter 23

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Caitlyn's Pov

I put my dress on,my shoes and straightened my hair.I put on the lightest shade of makeup.A reddish pink eyeshadow.Barley any mascara and eye liner.I did put on a bright red lipstick.I slipped my shoes on a small red heal.I grabbed my phone,looked at the time which read 5:34,then walked down stairs.All the boys were running around downstairs,putting final decorations up,setting food out,yet they all stop and look at me.They all smile and instantly compliment me.Louis runs ups to me and hugs me he says,"Caitlyn Cat I've got something for you."He says with the biggest smile on his face.He lifted me up.

I screamed,Louis I'm wearing a dress put me down.NOW!!!"

Louis laughed and said,"Love calm down." He put me down on the fire place ledge.He placed a gift on my lap and all the boys sat down on the couch in front of me.Louis was smiling as I slowly open the gift.Inside was a little white box.I open the box to see a silver necklace.On the necklace was silver sparkly words that said Louis.He smiled and said,"Now I'm with you all the time."I smiled at him as he handed me another box.In that box was a shirt that said Track and Field.I jumped up and hugged Louis.

I said,"I love the gifts thank you."

Zayn popped up and handed me his gift.It was a mirror with a picture of us on the back with the words we're amaZayn engraved on the side.I smiled and said,"Zayn I love it."

I hugged Zayn then Niall handed me a big box.In the box there was a bracelet with a cookie on it.That made me smile because we first meet and got cookies.Also in the box was a cute flowery shirt.I said,"Thanks Nialler I love it."I hugged him and then Liam handed his gift.I opened it to see a whole outfit from Jack Willis.A hoodie,shirt and sweatpants.Oh I love sweatpants.I hugged Li and said,"Sweatpants my favorite."

"I figured you need to remember England somehow."

Harry handed me his gift.It was a giftcard to jamba juice.I laughed knowing that I spilled a smoothie on him.Also in the bag was a little stuffed cat."Thanks Harry."

He said,"The cats because I call you Caitlyn Cat."

I jumped up and hugged each one of them thanking them for the gifts.They all spent so much time on them,I could tell.They are so cute thinking so much about it.I love them so much.They all squish me in a hug,I can't breath but,I enjoyed it.I have never felt this loved in my life.Even know I'm going to miss them.I don't really want to go but I know it's the right decision.I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard one of the boys say,"Caitlyn anyone in there?"

I laughed and replied,"Maybe not."They all busted out in laughter when suddenly we heard a knock on the door.I ran to it in excitement realizing my party is about to start.I opened the door with a huge smile on my face as El screams,"Caitlyn."She hugs me extremely tight.Whats with these people?She lets go and hands me a gift."Open it before anyone else gets here." We sat down and I slowly opened the gift.It was a was a scrapbook.The pages were filled with pictures of me,El and the boys.Magazine articles,Internet articles and on the front page it said Adventures with One direction.I filped to the back,there was a couple pages that were blank they had a note on them. that said,"Just in case you decide to come back ;) ." I smiled at the note before looking up at El.

I hugged her and said,"I love it.Its perfect." Seconds later there was a knock on the door I whispered,"I opened it just in time."We were both laughing as I answered the door.

It's was Dani and Perri.They hugged me and handed my gifts.I placed them by the fireplace.Then I yelled,"Boys your girlfriends are here."They appeared from where ever they were hiding.It was cute to see them all together.They all were perfect for each other.

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