Chapter 14

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 Caitlyns pov:

     I couldn't sleep at all last night.I kept thinking about what I have done.I can't believe I basically just let Harry slip through my fingers.Now I have to tell Niall I can't be with him.How will he react?Will he hate me or be as calm as Harry.I was in deep thought before I actually realized that my phone was ringing.I looked at it scared it was going to be Niall or Harry.I was relieved when I saw Louis.He was trying to FaceTime me. I quickly pressed accept and Louis's face appeared on the little iPhone screen.He smiled and said,"Hello love."

   I smiled back and said,"Ello Louis."

  "Elllos MINE you can't saaaay it.Mine all mine." I laughed at him and he pouted his face."Don't you laugh missy."

   "I'll try not to Lou.Its just your so funny it's hard."

  He made a silly face saying,"I know I am hilarious."

  I couldn't help but laugh I said,"So Lou what's up?"He for all serious this wasn't the Lou I was used to.He picked up something from behind him and said,"Well I am at the Market love with Liam and Zayn."He  pointed the camera to the two arguing over cereal."Lads say hi to Caitlyn."

   "Hi Kates,"Said Liam."

  "Vas Happening,"Zayn asked.

 "Good guys.When are you guys coming home?"

  "Oh soon love don't worry,"Replied Daddy direction."

  Louis turned the camera back so it was facing him and he said,"Love I have something to tell you."

   "What is it Lou?"

  "Well there is kinda a magazine here with a picture of you on it."

   "Yea I know the one at the club."

  "No,a more interesting one."

 "Really you'll just have to bring it home for me then."

  He looked a little worried and said,"Fine but,you won't like it.Not one bit."

   "Ok Lou."

 Liam yelled,"Louis call Caitlyn back and help me put the groceries in the car."

   Louis looked back at me and said,"See you in a few Love."

    "Bye Louis."The call ended and I got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom.I am still so tired it hurts to move.I looked in the mirror disgusted by how I looked.My hair was sticking out everywhere.My face had leftover frosting and mascara from the day before.I had huge bags under my eyes.I rinsed my face and straightened my hair.

    "Caitlyn were home,"Liam yelled."

  "Get your bum down here little miss,"Louis yelled.

  "Can you grab my other comb on my bathroom sink?"Zayn asked.

   "Sure Zayn.One sec Lou."

  "Hurry up.I don't won't to wait no more,"He whinnied.

    I quickly went into Zayn's bathroom that was neatly filled with hair products.I chuckled.He has more hair products then me and I am the girl.I grabbed the comb and started to walk downstairs.When I got down there Louis was sitting on the couch tapping his wrist and shaking his head in disapproval.I laughed and walked over to Zayn who was sitting next to Liam and Niall at the kitchen table eating cookies.I handed Zayn his comb and walked back over to Louis and sat down.He didn't say anything he just placed a magazine in my hands.I looked at the cover of the magazine.It read Niall Horan seen with the same girl twice in one day.Is it the same girl that was out with Harry.Down below there was two pictures one was me and Niall holding hands at Starbucks me wearing his underwear.The other picture was me and Niall KISSING on the park bench.My breathing suddenly stopped.I flipped to the page of the story.The article said...

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