Chapter 29

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Caitlyn's pov:

As he parked the car my eyes widen at his words.How did he know who hit me is that even possible.I stuttered,"Harry what did you just say?"

"Before I tell you I have one question?"

"What ever happened to the person in the other car?"

"Well the crash was record on the news.When I watched it later which was a bad idea I heard that he was in critical condition but that was all I heard for we didn't record the news the next day so I never really heard what happened to him."

Harry turned to me and held my hands tightly."Caitlyn it was my best friend,Calvin.He was in critical care for several months.When he was finally out all he could talk about was how he wanted to apologize for hurting you.How he wanted to tell you that he was drunk and stupid.He also told me that when he watched the news later that you were extremely beautiful and that he deserved everything he got.You know he still talks about that day sometime."

I gasped,"Really?Can I meet him one day?"

"Sure Love."

"Thanks Harry."

"Now Love smile and come with me."

I smiled.Harry got out of the car and opened my door and pulled me out.He didn't let go of my hand.I asked,"Where are we?"

"Just follow me were almost there."We reached a small little park where there was a little picnic blanket and basket under a crooked tree.He pulled there and sat me down on the soft blanket.I leaned on his shoulder as he pulled out little sandwiches,drinks,and chips.I slowly began to eat it was silent for a couple minutes before Harry said,"So tell me something I don't know about you."

"Well I'm don't a big fan of Mexican food.You?"

"I'm suppose to be at work today."

"Harry isn't management gonna get mad?"

"It's fine I told them I have a scratchy throat and it's hard to sing.They said its fine and they'll just have Louis and Zayn record for today."

"Oh that's good."

"Ok so I'm a pretty good juggler."

"I used to dye my hair blonde."

"Really?Cant see you as a blonde oh wait I can."

"My favorite song is Isn't she lovely."

"Mine is Hey there Delilah."

"My favorite food is tacos."

"Mine is spaghetti."

"I have a terrible habit of being naked all the time."He smiled cheekily.

"Oh Harry.I have a terrible habit of licking my lips."

"I'm addicted to Twix."

"I'm have a terrible fear of heights."

"I fear roller coasters."

"I have a secret."

"What is it Cat?"

"I love you."

He smiled like an idiot and replied back,"I love you too."

We finished eating.We laid there staring at the sky.He had his arms wrapped around me as I layed my head In between the crook of his neck.He could probably feel my breath on his neck.He whispered,"Babe this isn't all of the suprise."

"It isn't?But this is just so amazing."

"I know wouldn't you just love to lay here forever."

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