chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Caitlyn's Pov

     Harry pulled me close and kissed my lips slowly.We fell on his bed.He kissed me again and again the kisses getting more intense by the moment.He slowly started to pull of my shirt.I reached for his shirt when Louis said,"Oh my carrots.Get a room guys."

    Harry pulled away from my lips and said to Louis,"Well Louis we are in my room.Hey so what do you want?"

   I sat up and fixed my shirt and laid on on Harry's chest as he continued to talk to Louis."Well Harry I came to ask you if you wanted to come to dinner with me and the boys but,obviously your busy."

    He started to walk out the door when Harry said,"Louis when are you guys leave?"

    "In like 20 minutes."

  "Hey me and Caitlyn will come with you guys.Just give us like sometime to get ready."

   "Ok just hurry up."

 Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me up kissed my cheek and said,"Come on love we got to get ready."

     I walked into the bathroom and picked up Harry's brush and said,"Hey Harry can I use your hairbrush?"


 Quickly got ready and me and Harry walked down stairs.The boys were sitting in the living room.Zayn said with a huge smirk on his face,"Louis told us that you to were getting into it when he walked in."

   I blushed and Harry replied,"Oh shut up Zayn."

 Harry hugged me as I said,"So guys when are we going?"

   Niall jumped up and said,"Now."He grabbed his jacket then rushed out the door.We all grabbed our jackets and ran out the door after him.He was already sitting in Harry's car.Harry sat in the drivers seat,I sat shotgun,and Niall,Louis,Liam and Zayn all smashed in the back.We arrived at Nando's and rushed out of the car saying,"Come on guys."We all laughed and followed him in.

    When we got back from dinner it was pretty late and we were all tired.Niall and Zayn fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie.Louis and Liam went to bed pretty much right after we got home.Me and Harry walked upstairs into his room.I got dressed in my pajamas.Harry came out of the bathroom completely naked and I looked at him and said,"Babe can you at least put on some underwear."

   He said,"Fine."

  Then he slide on his lucky green underwear and I said,"Those won't be so lucky for you tonight babe."I laughed then kissed him on the cheek.

   He tackled me and said,"Oh what makes you say that."

   I said,"Harry got off of me I am tried.I just want to get some sleep."

    He said,"Ok whatever.I am pretty tired too."He laid down in the covers and I crawled over to him and slide under the covers with him.He held me tight in his arms.As he drifted of to sleep I thought of everything that happened in the last six months.I was just walking down the street on my way home.I had a slushy in my hand.My sunglasses were on and I was looking at the ground.Then I bumped into a man who was jogging.I ended up spilling the slushy all over him and knocking him to the floor.

    I pulled him up and said,"Oh my gosh I am so sorry."

I  tried wiping the slushy off his shirt as he said,"It's ok Love accidents happen."

   I looked up and relized who it was it was Harry Styles.He was looking down at me with those big beautiful green eyes.His brown curly hair was a mess.He was smiling at me and said,"Whats your name?I am Harry styles."

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