Chapter 17

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Harry's pov:

    After I kissed Caitlyn's friend Alyssa,Caitlyn announced she's dating Niall.I pulled my lips away from Alyssa's to look at Niall with anger filling my eyes.Niall looked surprised,like this was news to even him.I never know with Caitlyn she is always so dang emotional but I would understand if I went through all that I would be too.Anyways they went up stairs holding hands.I thought I was just getting over her but,seeing her with Niall is upsetting me.Shutup I told myself.You can't keep liking this girl she is no good for you.Date Alyssa.That's all I can manage to tell myself.I kissed her again.She wasn't a bad kisser at all but I longed for Caitlyn's lips on mine again but I don't ever think I will get her back not after all the crap I put her through.Niall is always there for her and can probably love her more then I ever could.

      That night I did something stupid.I slept with Alyssa.I had woken up at around 10:30 but Alyssa was still holding on to me and I didn't want to wake her up.I was just on my phone for the longest time when I heard a noise so I made it look like I was still sleeping.I heard the door open.I gritted my teeth hoping it wasn't Caitlyn.I heard a faint crash and quickly opened my eyes.I saw a passed out Caitlyn in Niall's arms.I quickly put my hands over my mouth trying not to make a sound.I small little noise slipped out of my mouth.Oh no I thought but luckily Niall didn't notice.I sat there just watching Niall try to wake up Caitlyn.When she woke,Nialls eyes sparkled.It was killing me seeing Niall this in love with Caitlyn.When they left I decided to wake up Alyssa.

    "Hey,Alyssa babe.Wake up."

   Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled at the sight of me.I kissed her cheek.She said,"Morning Love."


  "How did you sleep,"She questioned.


 "Fine,"She said with a smile still plastered on her face.

   "Hey Alyssa."

   "Yes Harry."

    I gulped unsure of this but asked,"Do you want to go out with me?"

    "Yes,"She replied fast and in a high pitch girly voice.

   I groaned in my head.This better get me over Caitlyn.I took Alyssa's hand and said,"Lets go to dinner tonight?"

    "Sounds perfect Harry."

   "Now go get dressed."

  She nodded,slowly getting out of the bed.She smiled at me suductivly.How could Caitlyn be friends with a girl like that?My innocent little Caitlyn.I giggled a little.Well not that innocent if she is mixed up with me and the boys.My thoughts were interrupted when Alyssa walked in sitting down on the bed next to me.I said,"I gotta change hold on a second. I got up and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and threw on some clothes.I walked back out to see Alyssa on my phone.I jumped on her and yelled,"What are you doing on my phone?"

    She looked at me with shock and hurt in her eyes.She had a innocent expression on her face.She replied,"Well Uhmm I was just looking at your pictures."

    I took the phone from her hands.She wasn't lying right in front of me showed the pictures.I got off of her and said in a agitated voice,"Get your stuff.Go home get ready and I'll pick you up at 5.Plus never touch my phone with out my permission."

   Her shocked expression got worse and she said,"Uh ok.Sorry."She left the room saying a faint,"Bye."

   I said,"Bye."

 I got up and went downstairs.I saw Niall sitting on the couch wearing a funky outfit.I went to the kitchen and popped a poptart in the toaster.While it was cooking I grabbed a cup of milk.DING!!!! I walked over and grabbed my pop tart and sat down at the table.I began to eat my pop tart when Niall sat down in front of me.I just continued to eat my pop tart when Niall said,"Harry,Don't you dare try to hurt Caitlyn EVER again."

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