Chapter 32

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Harry's pov

I woke up to Caitlyn in my arms.She looked beautiful.I didn't want to let go of her,ever.I didn't want her to go back to Arizona.I knew she had too and I have to let her.I mean she has been putting up with our crazy schedules.She stirred a little in my arms.I held her tighter.She seemed to stop moving around when I did that.I smiled.She woke up,"Harry why are you smiling?"

"Because I'm happy to be with you."

"You're cute."She rested her back in my arms,still obviously tired.I laid there waiting for her to be actually awake.It took 30 minutes to an hour.

I was helping Caitlyn finish packing."Harry can you hand me that stack of clothes."

"Sure." "So what time are you leaving again?"

"My flights at 9:30."

She was putting clothes in the suitcase,I was putting all her toothbrushes and stuff in a little carry on bag.I said,"So I have time to spend with you?"

"If we hurry up and finish packing."

"I'm working on it Cat."

"What do you want to do when we're done?"

"I want to go out to lunch with you,our last real date before you leave.When we get back we can watch a movie with the rest of the lads."

"Ok sounds good with me."

We finished packing about 45 minutes later.We both got cleaned up a bit.Caitlyn curled her hair,she was wearing jeans and a t shirt.She looked beautiful.I grabbed her hand and we walked to the car,waving goodbye to the boys on the way.She was kinda quiet on the ride there and she's never quiet."Cat are you ok?"

"Uhmm what?Oh yeah.Sorry just thinking."

"About what?"

"What it's gonna be like when I get home.Do you think everyone's gonna hate me?"

"If I thought that do you really think I'd let you go back home with out security."

"True." We arrived at red robin,Caitlyn just loves that place.We sat in a booth in the back so no one would really recognize me or her now that she's my girlfriend.That magazine hasn't come out yet but,some of the pictures have leaked so half of the fans know about me and Caitlyn.So far not much hate,luckily.I order a hamburger,she order chicken."Harrryyy."

"What??"I asked innocently knowing I'm annoying her.

"Stop stealing my food!You got your own!"

"But your food tastes better."

She reached over and grabbed some of my food,"Nope it's the same,you idiot."

"Oh I see how it is baby,we can't share."I made a fake cry face.


"Thanks Cat."

"You're welcome styles."

"I hate you."

"Oh you looooveee me.Whos gonna miss their little Cat.Harry is that's who!"She said that in a little baby voice mocking me intently.

I raised my arms in defeat,"Fine.I love you.I will miss you babe."I kiss her cheek.We finish eating and laughing about stupid things.

"Were home,"Caitlyn yells.

The boys instantly run down stairs.They all hugged her.She makes a funny face.Louis screams,"We have to hug you like 100 times today before you leave."

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