Chapter 28

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Caitlyn's pov:

I woke up in Harry's arms.I saw his perfect face and I smiled.I love him and I and finally let myself love him again.I wiggled and grabbed my phone to see what time it was.It was 11:45.I kissed Harry's cheek and said,"Harry wake up."

He woke up instantly and said,"Morning babe!"

He sat up a little,gave me a kiss,I said,"Eww you Have morning breath."He looked out raged."Just kidding kiss me again."He did as I said.

"Little cat can we just lay here and I can kiss you forever?"

He kissed my neck as I said,"If only we could."

"We can."

He kissed me and we didn't stop kissing.The kisses were so passionate,lasting longer every kiss.Now the kisses getting heated.He cupped my face,I ran my fingers through his curly mess of hair.He pulled away and whispered in my ear sending chills down my back."I love you."

I whispered,"I love you superman.You saved my heart."

He smiled.He looked me dead in the eye.His eyes were just so beautiful It made me weak.I couldn't look into them for to long they were to powerful.They glowed with every single ounce of perfection.

He said,"You're eyes are just too beautiful it's overwhelming."

I giggled,"I was thinking the same thing about yours."

"Well great mines think a like."

"Haz do you want to actully do something today?"

"Yeah be with you."

I pushed me and said,"Babe be serious."

"Yeah I want to show the whole world you're mine."

"How are you gonna do that?"

" I guess you'll have too wait."

"Aww you know I hate waiting."

"Well babe your gonna have to hate me for a while."

"Well your right I hate you."

"Love you too honey."

I kissed his cheek and walked out of the room wondering what he had planned.

Harry's pov:

I love this girl more then anything. In the world and I intend on showing her shes my whole world.I got dressed in a white v neck and my signature blazer.I combed my hair.I dialed some numbers making sure everything was in order.I walked down stairs and sat on the couch.Lou was there reading a book which is extremely abnormal for this him.He looked up at me and said,"Why you dressed up,Haz?"

"I'm taking Caitlyn on a date."

"Where are you taking her?"

Just as I was gonna answer she walked in and I said,"Can't tell you know it's a surprise."He grinned.Caitlyn pouted."Love you ready to go?"

"Yeah Harry." I jumped up and grabbed her hand I pulled her out the door instantly over thrown with excitement.She giggled and said,"Harry where are we going?"

"No where."

"Oh come on tell me you know I hate waiting."

"Well whatever,you have too."I smirked and she pouted again.I poked her cheek."Oh your to cute when you frown."

She blushed and hide her face in her hands.She groaned,"I hate you styles."

"Love you too babe."

She turned on the radio and began to sing along laughing at random times.She'd get bored with one song and just flip threw the stations,screaming when she found a song she loved.Id laugh,sometimes singing along.When she started dancing when I began to laugh hysterically almost getting into a car crash.I swerved to the right just in time.She screamed."Harry,"She said with worry wavering in her voice.

"Babe,it's fine your ok."She just sat there quiet not moving.I looked over to her as we stopped at the light.Her eyes were stone cold.No expression.Unreadable.She quickly closed her eyes and breathed.She grabbed the door handle as she breathed again.The light turned green and when I looked back at her she was smiling a weak smile."Are you ok?!"

She shook her head and said,"Yeah I'm fine just a bad memory."

"Do you mind telling me?"

"Well....Uhmm....I guess so*breath* it was last year I was on my way to my aunts house.My dad was driving,mom passenger sister and brother in the back with me.I was looking out the window when suddenly BAM!! a car hit my side of the truck.I was knocked out within seconds but I could occasionally make out sounds.I heard screaming,my moms voice yell "she's dead isn't she.She's bleeding like crazy."Next thing I know I'm laying in a hospital bed.I looked at my arms and scream.I was covered in blood.I touched my face and felt a bandage on it.I looked down at my legs I had a cast,a bright pink one.All I could think about was I'm laying here just barley escaping death.Which was actually true.Turns out I broke my leg.All the blood was from two cuts on my arm and a giant gash on my forehead.Which needed stitches and bandaged up."As we parked the car she pulled back her bangs and showed me a giant two inch wide scar.

"Oh my gosh.How many stitches did you need?

"Well there was two stitches on each of the cuts on my arm and 8 or 10 on my head so 14 total." I looked a little freaked out and Caitlyn could obviously tell I wasnt ok,"Harry are you ok?"

I shook my head and said,""

"Babe what's wrong."Even know I wasn't ok her calling me babe kinda made me smile.

"Well I think I know who ran into you that year."

Liam's pov:

I went over to a hotel were Kara was staying.Everyone thought she went back to Arizona.Well she didn't and she's staying here till Christmas.Ive been sneaking off and seeing her.I know I shouldn't be doing this considering my reputation and I should be upset about Dani but well I'm not really.I texted her: Hey love open your door! The door opened and she pulled me into the room.We are really careful that no one sees us.We sat on the couch and she hugged me."Liam what are you doing here?"

"I missed you babe."

"Aww Li I missed you too."I kissed her on the cheek and she whispered,"Oh you can do better then that."I grinned and kissed her lips passionately.She pulled back and the taste of lips still lingering on mine.We both smiled.She whispered,"Li what do you want to do today?I rented a movie.Want to watch it?"


She jumped up got the movie and some popcorn and sat on my lap again.She pressed play and snuggled into my arms.She rested her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around me.When the movie was over Kara said,"I rented another movie want to watch that?"

"No,"I replied she looked at me strange.

I smirked and she said,"Leyum you're scaring me."

"Oh Kara darling don't be scared."Her eyebrows went in making her face all scrunched up and confused."You're cute when you're confused."I kissed her nose and her face wasn't scrunched anymore.I kissed her cheek then kissed her lips.I felt her smile into the kiss.Which made me smile in the kiss she kissed me back with.She pulled back and whispered,"So I see you'd rather do this for the rest of the day."

She smiled,"Is that a problem?"

"Oh no stay here and just kiss me till my lips fall off."

I smirked,"That can arranged."I pushed my lips into hers.


Hi guys!!! Sorry I haven't update in long time.Had like the biggest writers block ever.This chapter is kinda short it's like a tease chapter sorry.Despite its shortness I love it!So how was you're guys Christmas?Mine was great I got a ton of CDs including the One direction yearbook edition one! I also got new ugg boots!On a sad note my sports training coach is leaving second semester and now I'm stuck with an exfootball coach.Oh fun.Of course it's right before track season.Oh well.Love you guys! Don't forget to vote and comment.-Bye

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