Chapter 13

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Nialls pov:

   Once I heard Harry yell my name I mentally cussed.Yep this is going to be great."NIALL! Move your lips away from my girlfriend.Do you really have to always have to kiss her when I am gone."He stomped over to us and picked up Caitlyn who was sitting on my lap and placed her on the ground next to the wall."Seriously can you keep your hands off her."I didn't say a word I just looked at Caitlyn who looked hurt and scared."Niall answer me.Whats your problem?"

    He clutched the top of my shirt as I yelled,"Lad you left Caitlyn last night so you can go have fun with some other girl.Caitlyn was so upset and I was just here for her."

     Harrys voice raised which was pretty frighting,"What are you talking about?I wasn't with some girl.Why do you always say he help her by kissing her? What are you guys covered in?"He pulled my hair that was covered in cupcake.

   "Sure you weren't Harry.I didn't just kiss her I was a shoulder for her to lean on.She cried and I was there to wipe her tears.Its cupcake."

     He pushed me over and Caitlyn shrieked and pulled at at Harry's arm.She yelled,"Harry don't you dare push Niall its not his fault.This is between you and me but I don't want to talk to you so you can leave."

    "NO,"Harry shouted."I am not leaving until we talk.He grabbed Caitlyn and held her in his arms.

    She was screaming and kicking.She yelled,LET ME GO.DONT TOUCH ME.I HATE YOU!!"She bite his arm and he dropped her."Niall help me."

     With out even thinking I jumped towards her.I reached her before Harry could lay another finger on her.She gripped me so tight and whispered in my ear,"Don't let him touch me.Niall lets leave."

   I was shocked by her answered but,said,"Fine Love just hold on tight."

    Caitlyns Pov:

 I did what Niall said and held on to Niall like my life depended on it.He ran out of the front door and down the street.He started to lose his breath after he was in a full on sprint for a couple of minutes.I yelled,"Niall stop."

   He did and I jumped off of his back and reached for his hand and said,"Let's go somewhere to talk about this."

    He replied,"Ok."We walked for a minute in silence then we ran into a Starbucks."How about this."I nodded my head and we walked in.We were still covered in cupcake so people looked at us weird not to mention I was with Niall Horan and I was still wearing his underwear as shorts.We we ordered our drinks and sat downs at a table near the back.

   I said,"What do we do?"

  "Heck if I know."

  "Wow Niall your helpful."

  "I know."

  "So do we call one of the other boys ,rent a hotel room or just go back to the flat?"

  "Let's call Liam."

 "Sounds like a plan."

 I took out my phone and clicked on Liams name.It ringed and ringed before I hear Liam's  voice."Liam,"I said in a cheerful  voice.

     "Caitlyn hello love."

  "Li we kinda need help."

 "What kinda help?Whats going on?"Daddy directions voice suddenly turned into fright.

    "Well at the club the other day Harry left me and I was upset so Niall toke me home and let me cry on his shoulder.I fell asleep in Niall's arms.In the morning we made cupcakes which we're now covered in.Then well we kissed and Harry walked in and started yelling at us.I didn't like that he was attempting to hurt Niall.I yelled at him and kind ran out with Niall.Li I don't know  what to do know."When I was finished tears started to fall down.

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