Chapter 27

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Harry's pov:

"I forgive you all of you."I looked at her, my face still red and tear stained.She countiued,"I was thinking about what Lou said about me being already broken and its true."

I gasped,"How did you hear Louis?"

"Well I sprinted out of the house but then turned around in guilt when I heard Louis speaking.What he said really made me think so I ran for a while to sort things out.I did also hear your little reasons to why I was upset."

Niall muttered,"So were those the reasons?"

"Well yes and no",she replied so calmly.

"Well continue."

"So it all started about two years ago.These past two years were amazing it was just that one incident that changed my view and haunts me.I was 14 at the time just starting to figure things out,you know how that is.Well so many things began to happen to me that destroyed my heart and I'm still broke.First off I felt like I had to prove to everyone that I wasn't just a nothing.Then I lost them.Losing her was the worst thing ever, remember my cousin I told you about,well yeah.Then him.He was my everything or at least I thought it was that way.He was perfect,he would look at me and I would melt but,it turns out he never really actually liked me.We were always just best friends and I could never him to love me like I did.Then coming here and loving you guys just brought everything back I don't know but you did."

She was sitting in the middle I grabbed her and pulled her back into my arms.Usually she'll try to fight ,tell us it doesn't hurt but it does,But this time she just sank down into my arms.She cried letting out all her emotions.I stroked her hair and whispered soothing words into her ear.All the boys watched as I Seemed to calm down her so fast.She stopped her crying and just laid in my arms.Louis said,"Caitlyn Love why don't you tell us everything and maybe the pain will finally go away."

She gulped and said,"I'll try."I didnt let go of her as she spoke,"So I'll start with trying to show everyone I'm good because they all doubted me.Say crap like,"You can't run,You'll never make it that far your to lazy,I don't think it's gonna happen or they just don't believe that I'm amazing at running.So I began to show by work myself so hard that it hurt to move.Yet no one seemed notice until I beat them leaving them speechless.Then after that I lost them four of my family members,Aunt,Aunt,Uncle and Cousin.The one that hurt me the most was my cousin.We did everything together.I couldn't handle it and began to bad things.I ditched a couple times,got suspended twice,Got kicked out of an entire mall because I was just doing everything I wasn't suppose to.I had like my own little gang.I was the leader and the talk of the town.Everyone knew me and either feared me,hated me or loved me and I enjoyed every second of it. Harry I kinda didn't tell you the truth I was shy not last year but the year before.I did have a boyfriend and we were serious and that why my parents hate guys and let me move here they thought it change things."

"Wait why did they hate the guy,"I asked

"Well we would do everything together.We would go get drunk and do random crap.Thats why I didn't want to go back to the club that one time.I sleep with him and my parents found out.Thats why Dad freaks out when he sees me with a guy.Lads I'm not an Angel."

We all looked at her eyes wide open and speechless.Louis stuttered,"You were a bad***"He gulped,"We were the ones that changed you?"He breathed,"Hhhowww did we do that?Were like so you know."

I laughed,"Yeah I guess so Lou.You guess got me away from that and showed me a relationship that isn't about partying and sleeping with someone."

Zayn muttered,"I just can't believe that you of all people would do stuff like that."

"Well tragedy can change a person.Thats why I couldn't believe they'd let me go back I mean they are all still there and I could go back to all that crap.Its so easy to guys maybe I shouldn't go back."

I hugged her tighter and said,"You should have told us this earlier."

"Harry once someone finds out about my wild side they either take advantage of me in more the one way or the act different around me."

I kissed her cheek and whispered,"Don't worry if you feel the urge to do that stuff again just think of me."

She whispered,"Harry how is that gonna help?"

"Because Tragedy can change you but so can LOVE."

"Harry I guess your right."

I whispered,"Now let's go and party babe."

She giggled and said,"Maybe my wild side will be lucky for you."

We both laughed and I kissed her cheek.The boys smiled.Louis screamed,"You guys are so cute just go out already."

I smiled and Caitlyn blushed.I looked into Caitlyn's eyes and said,"Will you be my girlfriend?"

She smiled and said,"Nope."She laughed then said,"I'm joking Styles don't look so freaked out.Yes Harry!"I was so happy I jumped up pulled her up and twirled her around before kissing her.

I kissed her again and said,"I love you."

She laughed and smiled before saying,"You love me already we just started dating."

I picked her up bridal style and said,"Well love you don't remember this."I started walking towards the pool.

She screamed,"No Styles! Don't you even dare."I laughed as we neared the pool.I kissed her before jumping in the pool.We went under,She quickly went up I breathed before pulling her back under.I pulled her close and kissed her mouthing "I Love You."

She smiled,We went back up gasping for air.The lads all came out here and laughed at us.Zayn smirked and said,"Caitlyn Cat don't get to wild out there."

I whispered to Caitlyn,"Do you want to get back at Zayn?"

"Yes."She smiled and we got out of the pool.

We sprinted towards him and he screamed,"No guys I was just joking."

Caitlyn and I just looked at each other and smirked.We reached Zayn and we hugged him then I picked him up and threw him in the pool.Caitlyn said,"Anyone else want a hug."They all back away."Are you sure?"

Niall hugged me and said,"That's because I wanted to say sorry."

She said,"Nialler it's ok."

Then we heard a splash and Caitlyn and Niall go under the water.We all started to laugh and I figured take them all in with.I pushed Louis in since he was so concentrated on laughing.Then we all looked at Liam and pushed him in.Now everyone was in the pool.We all started splashing and dunking each other.We out here for about an hour before we all frozen.We all ran to open showers.

I was done with my shower and was laying on my bed.Caitlyn came in and said,"Hello Love."She giggled.She sat down on the corner of my bed.

"Little cat come closer I've missed have you in my arms so much."She laid down next to me and I pulled her into my arms.I said,"Babe im so glad I have you as my girlfriend."

She smiled,"Harry it's almost Christmas and I'm so glad I get to spend it with you."

"Caitlyn Cat I love you."

"I love you too Styles."

She fell asleep in my arms.Im the happiest I've been in a long time.I finally get to be with the one I love.


Hi guys! I love this chapter! How about you guys?!So I decided I'm going to write a sequel.I have a plan for it already.This book will most likely have no more then 5 more chapters.I haven't came up with a name yet but I have an idea.Any suggestions for any of the name,new characters,or anything just tell me.! Thanks for reading ! Love u guys!

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