With a Touch - Chapter 5

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Felicite' had no idea what she was doing. She could hear her mother's voice railing at her inside her head asking if she'd lost her ever loving mind. But it was it was muted now. And she didn't care. Yes she'd lost her mind. Mostly because she was so tired of fighting. Fighting off how safe and protected she felt in his arms. Tired of fighting off the the blast of heat scorching her lady parts whenever he walked into a room or smiled at her as if she was the sweetest thing he'd ever seen. And she was tired of waiting to feel for someone else what she'd always could only feel with him.

So the moment he brushed his lips against hers and watched his eyes grow dim she had her answer. They will have tonight to quench their desires. Tomorrow was hours away but damnit tonight she'll finally get to know him and all the carnal pleasures he can give her.

He kissed her lips softly. Gently. Adoringly. Then he kissed her forehead, her eyelids and moved down to her cheeks before he reclaimed her mouth again. His kisses, at first drugging turned voracious. He nibbled at her bottom lip, then the top. Sending her entire body on fire. Felicite' wanted to tear off his clothes and jump on his cock already.

"God I love your lips. So plump and full," he said in his deep, decadent voice of his that unbelievably made her pussy wetter. He licked her lower lip. "Open for me."

Her mouth opened at will welcoming the glide of his tongue. Her body pressed more into his body, desperate to increase the pace and hurry up to become one. But he refused to let her have her way. His tongue slowly tangled with hers, diligently discovering every corner of her mouth.

Then he took his wonderful tongue and mouth away. As if she was some naughty child being punished. Which it was if they weren't no longer deep in her mouth.

She pouted. Felicite' was actually pouting.

David chuckled. "Stop pouting."

"I'm not pouting," she breathed in a low voice full of want while his hands caressed her face and moved her thick mass of hair over her shoulders.

His eyebrow quirked as if to say 'yeah right.' "You're not pouting huh?"

She shook her head and replied 'nope' popping the p. "Explain why your lower lip's sticking out when I didn't kiss you that hard."

Felicite' pulled the offending lip in question into her mouth, and murmured under her breath, "I wish you would."

"If I did I won't be able to last when I finally slide inside you."

"Shit. Did I say that out loud?"

David leaned in and peppered kisses along her jaw. "Yeah. You did."

Damn, the man messes with her head. Her hands played with the hem of his shirt before gliding underneath to meet his tight abs. The grooves and notches of his ripped six pack hiked up her body heat, turning her into a walking, panting human furnace. While David's mouth trailed down her neck her own hands were getting busy as her left took pleasure caressing his muscular back and her right hand aimed to discover exactly how big a johnson she was working with.

It was big. And thick. Her hand couldn't completely. She wanted to see it. Taste it. Have his cock thrust deep into her pussy.

She squeezed his cock and was rewarded with a low groan. From base to tip she stroked him up and down, slowly, giving him a taste of his own medicine.

"Fine," she shrugged her shoulder as if his touch didn't make her hotter and wetter and ready for him, while barely stating her case in a monotone, albeit breathy voice, "but you can put us both out of our misery and fuck me hard and fast. Then take it as slow as you want later. Right now...oh my god," David popped her breast out of her bra and suckled her hardened nipple, "I can't wait much longer. Please David I need you now. Please-"

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