Chakras In Yoga, Meditation, and Stress Relief by lisasheaauthor
Chakras In Yoga, Meditation, and lisasheaauthor
Chakras. The name conjures up an image of a human body with seven swirling energy points along the spine, each one of the colors of the rainbow. But what are chakras all...
  • meditation
  • chakra
  • chakras
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The Handbook On Vedic Theology (Now with multimedia) by Siddhesh900
The Handbook On Vedic Theology ( Siddhesh Patankar
Perhaps this is the first explicit Wattpad book on Vedic Theology. We'll try to provide basic and universal wisdom provided in Vedic religion, the world oldest religion...
  • vedicliteratures
  • karma
  • understandingvedictheology
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Dreamweavers: Genesis by AdamNesbitt
Dreamweavers: Genesisby AdamNesbitt
In a country enslaved by a tyrannical king, five teenagers discover extraordinary abilities in their dreams that lead them deep into the wilderness on a perilous quest f...
  • adventure
  • lgbtpride
  • dreamweavers
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Fitness by riverlakesea
Fitnessby Unseen to the unknown
This book will be about fitness work outs and diets and my story how I went from being a weak lame person to fairly strong fit healthy person . Hope you enjoy it
  • healthy
  • workouts
  • yoga
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The God of all Gods: Mahadev.  by TitaniumPrime
The God of all Gods: Mahadev. by TitaniumPrime
The story of an ascetic God who fell in love. Of an obedient daughter who defied her father. Of an arrogant King who bowed down infront of the real power, Of the untol...
  • shiva
  • indian
  • powedful
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sad or happy - choose by duncmacphun
sad or happy - chooseby Duncan MacPhun
Yes . . . you really can choose . . . And live a longer, healthier life in the process. The cause of unhappiness is usually internal. Is your glass half full or half e...
  • isolation
  • drumming
  • sadness
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cookies in spin the bottle by CocoaTheCutie
cookies in spin the bottleby RoboGirl091
cookies play spin the bottle! cocoa invites random cookies to play it for her random party!
  • cookierun
  • princess
  • bright
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the yoga fic by Thesisterhood708
the yoga ficby Thesisterhood708
please read, it's very good. my teacher enjoyed it on an emotional level.
  • fanfiction
  • yoga
Write India by suvachana
Write Indiaby suvachana
write to right
  • heritage
  • swami-ayappan
  • women-of-india
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El libro que salvó al Mar by CindyBarascout
El libro que salvó al Marby Cindy Barascout
Mi nombre es Erika y me quieren matar. Mi abuelo ha desaparecido desde la noche que me mostró su secreto. Soy una niña de isla y ahora proteger la existencia de un mund...
  • mar
  • espiritualidad
  • mujer
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Personal Trainer by sadgirl258
Personal Trainerby sadgirl258
Lynn hatte es nie einfach in ihrem Leben. Doch jemand kam und konnte ihr helfen.
  • krank
  • sport
  • liebe
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SUICIDE GIRL - A Cara Delevingne Story by emloubx
SUICIDE GIRL - A Cara Delevingne emloubx
cara delevingne's story
  • story
  • caradelevingne
  • suicide
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MEDITATION My Personal Experiences & Tips by pdf-Submission
MEDITATION My Personal TEeN BollyWoOd
In general, the easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing your mind and one of the most common approaches to meditation is concentration. Concentrated meditation te...
  • meditation
  • tips
  • mala
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Woomanhood in The Alps! by fazaracer
Woomanhood in The Alps!by loke
When karen met karol she felt.........complete. This is a true stor reenactment. *READ AT OWN RISK*
  • karoline
  • karol
  • eirin
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