Niñera de ¿Apolo y Romeo?  by gyolanda00
Niñera de ¿Apolo y Romeo? by Yolanda Garcia
  • experiências
  • pbdb
  • llorar
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A Very Personal Coach by Master_Lau
A Very Personal Coachby Lau
In which a girl named Helen goes to the gym to lose weight by doing certain exercises. Her personal coach Alex is happy to help, but boosting her confidence isn't the on...
  • dirtyimagines
  • love
  • generalfiction
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Dirty Yoga (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by larry_love_ED
Dirty Yoga (A One Direction Fan larry_love_ED
WARNING: This isn't a Larry Story..... or issssss ittttttt? ;) Harry and Niall take a yoga class, where they meet a sexy instructor named Louis. Harry and Louis seem to...
  • daddy
  • zianourry
  • larrystylinson
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Yoga Misery by My_name_is_Jeff05
Yoga Miseryby Intense
Catherine is a young girl go gets into yoga but never knew yoga would leave to... *•Read on you own risk•*
  • tied
  • jake
  • yoga
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Chakras In Yoga, Meditation, and Stress Relief by lisasheaauthor
Chakras In Yoga, Meditation, and lisasheaauthor
Chakras. The name conjures up an image of a human body with seven swirling energy points along the spine, each one of the colors of the rainbow. But what are chakras all...
  • yoga
  • relief
  • meditation
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Penulis by frozenCactus
Penulisby Yoga Tirta
Kisah sehari-hari tentang penulis novel bernama Allan, cowok yang rela melakukan apa saja demi novelnya. Walau nyawa taruhannya. Teman-teman disekitarnya sering terlibat...
  • friendship
  • frozencactus
  • yogatirta
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cookies in spin the bottle by CocoaTheCutie
cookies in spin the bottleby Chloe 2
cookies play spin the bottle! cocoa invites random cookies to play it for her random party!
  • werewolf
  • alchemist
  • rockstar
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Yoga Diary by mestrin
Yoga Diaryby Michael Estrin
Short, sweet, and supple stories about the practice of yoga. I've been a occasional yogi for more than fifteen years, but recently I decided make yoga a more regular pa...
  • writing
  • spiritual
  • yoga
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Mama's Boy by lolipopmix
Mama's Boyby Jai Amor
When yoga instructor and fitness model Josie Campbell-Avana meets Nathan Ingram, sparks fly. The connection is instant things seem to be going great. When Josie realizes...
  • american
  • baseball
  • boy
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SUICIDE GIRL - A Cara Delevingne Story by emloubx
SUICIDE GIRL - A Cara Delevingne emloubx
cara delevingne's story
  • actress
  • caradelevingne
  • suicidegirl
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The God of all Gods: Mahadev.  by TitaniumPrime
The God of all Gods: Mahadev. by TitaniumPrime
The story of an ascetic God who fell in love. Of an obedient daughter who defied her father. Of an arrogant King who bowed down infront of the real power, Of the untol...
  • spiritual
  • divine
  • powedful
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Foreseen 1-4 by LidyWilks
Foreseen 1-4by Lidy
A collection of four erotic paranormal romance novellas where four friends, two fortune tellers, an empath and yogi, and a psychic travel the murky waters of love with b...
  • novella
  • projectpoc
  • paranormal
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Kachan x Dark Deku : Quand le bien tombe dans le mal..... Tome 1 by Sanstale123
Kachan x Dark Deku : Quand le Sanstale123
All Might ma "donner" son alter, mais fatiguer a cause de l'entrainement je me repose un peu..... Je m'attende pas a me faire kidnapper par des vilains et enco...
  • shoto
  • ochako
  • vilain
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Paradox. Yuk Mikir by Yoge__
Paradox. Yuk Mikirby Yoge
Tulisan di sini berisi tentang kasus-kasus yg membuat otak kita menjadi panas dan ngebul. Hanya diperuntukkan bagi mereka yg mau mengasah otak dan lago gak ada kerjaan :v
  • paradox
  • gila
  • fiksi
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Quotes by Ginger__wolf
Quotesby Amira
CAUTION!! AWESOME QUOTES AHEAD. **Part one** These are just random quotes (love, life, friendship, fitness, health, yoga, mindset, etc). I take NO CREDIT for the ones t...
  • life
  • relationships
  • fitness
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Tom Hiddleston Imagines by xXsweetcinnamonXx
Tom Hiddleston Imaginesby xXsweetcinnamonXx
A warm and fluffy daydream bubble, to escape reality for a few minutes.
  • yoga
  • story
  • fluff
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Yoga Class by PeanutButterOctopus
Yoga Classby PeanutButterOctopus
Paintbrush is listless and unsure of what to do the morning after their elimination. Paper suggests they take part in a daily session of yoga with the other eliminated c...
  • iitissues
  • iipaintbrush
  • etc
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Dead By Monday by KKGrismer
Dead By Mondayby KKGrismer
Chris Primus is not even attempting to be a recovering addict. He'd rather take the life of a stranger for the big win and be sky high. But...he's not exactly a forward...
  • bus
  • gaunt
  • suit
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Yoga Lesson // Larry {One Shot} by messyxsivan
Yoga Lesson // Larry {One Shot}by lol
where Harry is a yoga teacher and Louis wants to fuck him
  • oneshot
  • larryoneshot
  • daddykink
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Sri Rama And The Great Secret by radesouza
Sri Rama And The Great Secretby Rafael Souza
The Saga of Rama book one. When a boy from Rio de Janeiro becomes the main character on a epic fight of good vs. evil. Everyday one or more minichapters...
  • werewolf
  • young
  • yoga
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