The area that she landed on was covered in a thick viscous mud from the heavy rain that poured down. In no time at all her entire body was covered in the muck from scram...
  • worldbuilding
  • romance
  • mature
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The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach Houseby Beth Reeks
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
  • kiss
  • best
  • california
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Is This Shoulder Taken? Kendall Finds Her Heart™ [1st Place Winner UW Awards] by DawnMDrake
Is This Shoulder Taken? Kendall Dawn-Marie Drake
[He walked away and out of the restaurant. He had broken our engagement and he had broken my heart, into a million pieces. . . How would I ever find my heart, again?] T...
  • epilogue
  • completed
  • wedding
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LOVEHATE [Shawn Mendes] by pumpkinspiciest
LOVEHATE [Shawn Mendes]by pumpkinspiciest
This is a novella. If you don't know what that is, it's simply a long short story or a short book. This fic started out a short story and kept growing, so here it is st...
  • fanfiction
  • mendes
  • maturethemes
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Underneath a Dark Moon by AMLKoski
Underneath a Dark Moonby Rowena RavenBlah
Novis wasn't a very good witch. She was born to a powerful witch with a powerful warlock as a father, her siblings were also very powerful, the most powerful of all was...
  • series
  • novella
  • women
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The Reaper's Assistant by SheHopes
The Reaper's Assistantby Sandra Grayson
Ben Davies doesn't know what happened before he woke up to his body dying in a hospital bed. When the Reaper recruits him to help souls cross over to the dead, he slowly...
  • forgiveness
  • quickread
  • consequences
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Lost But Found by JasmineCroft_
Lost But Foundby Jasmine
It wasn't ever supposed to happen like it did. It wasn't supposed to happen at all... Katarina Rhodes was just an average girl tagging along with her best friend on a mu...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • lovestory
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His Mate ✔️ by JasmineCroft_
His Mate ✔️by Jasmine
For as long as Kara has been alive, she's avoided being claimed. No, Kara Masters is not one to be tied down. Beating the mating competition and her future mate has been...
  • romance
  • cute
  • brokenheart
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The Return Of Carrington™ by DawnMDrake
The Return Of Carrington™by Dawn-Marie Drake
[What is it like to go from Middle Class, to a Billionaire, overnight?] Colin Carrington, gets a jaw-dropping phone call from Greyson Carrington, a cousin he had never e...
  • romance
  • contemporaryromance
  • adultfiction
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The Road To: Avalon™ ~ 1st Place Winner in The Hazel Undiscovered Writers Awards by DawnMDrake
The Road To: Avalon™ ~ 1st Place Dawn-Marie Drake
A Novella ~ (The Corwin Brothers Book 1) "I refuse to come between you and your family. Your mother needs you now, and I truly hope your father recovers. Go be wi...
  • novella
  • wedding
  • series
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The House of Carrington™ by DawnMDrake
The House of Carrington™by Dawn-Marie Drake
{Book 4} ~ [Can Oil and Water ever mix?] Carrington Enterprises, the most successful Oil Company in Dallas, Texas, comes under a personal siege. Philip Winthrop, owner o...
  • novella
  • relationship
  • epilogue
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Out of Reach (Winter Rescue #3) by AuthorTamaraMorgan
Out of Reach (Winter Rescue #3)by Tamara Morgan
Max Stafford lives on the edge. When it comes to mountain rescues, Max is the man everyone wants on their side. The brave and bearded DILF is willing to climb virtually...
  • humor
  • comedy-romance
  • novella
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In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1) by AuthorTamaraMorgan
In the Clear (Winter Rescue #1)by Tamara Morgan
Fletcher Owens is full of secrets. Few people know he spends his nights volunteering for a Search and Rescue team, saving lives while risking his own. Even fewer know he...
  • crush
  • unrequitedlove
  • betahero
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The Sky's the Limit ™ by DawnMDrake
The Sky's the Limit ™by Dawn-Marie Drake
[He pretended to be the boyfriend of a total stranger, as she crashed a Wedding, One year ago. Would he ever be her real life boyfriend, after finding her again, and lea...
  • chicklit
  • georgia
  • scarstoyourbeautiful
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In Pursuit of: Justine™ by DawnMDrake
In Pursuit of: Justine™by Dawn-Marie Drake
The Corwin Brothers (Book 3) Can a need to "Protect" ever turn to "Love?" (John McCay) "Paula, where did Justine go? You know something that yo...
  • relationship
  • romance
  • prologue
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Six Circles - Journey to Erwen ( Part 1 )  by bupton68
Six Circles - Journey to Erwen ( Brian Upton
"Attached to a lanyard chain was what looked like a silver pendant of some kind, but not at all a traditional style of jewelry. Four large open thick rings were set...
  • wattpride
  • teenmystery
  • femaleprotagonist
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Heating Up the Help Desk, a novella by BindingTies
Heating Up the Help Desk, a novellaby Leigh W. Stuart
If there is one thing tech genius Kenneth Jones knows, it's how to make a computer yield to his desires-from turning it on, to making the keyboard hum beneath his touch...
  • hotguys
  • geeklove
  • officeromance
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Rule of Four (Damned of the 2/19th Novella) by TimothyWillard
Rule of Four (Damned of the 2/ Timothy Willard
Survival through the winter on Alfenwehr requires luck, toughness, adaptability and intelligence. Snow, darkness, sub-zero temperatures, low air pressure, madness, and t...
  • series
  • 80s
  • cold-war
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Elle by Reign1990
Elleby ReignOfLight
Being betrayed by someone she'd loved and trusted and then finding herself as a sacrifice to a anglerfish was not something she'd ever anticipated would happen to her, b...
  • fanfiction
  • wlw
  • femxfem
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The Art of Loving™ [Winner of A Written Stories Award] by DawnMDrake
The Art of Loving™ [Winner of A Dawn-Marie Drake
[Highest Ranking #9 in Novella 5/16/18] The Carrington Series {Book 2} ~ Sheila Summers is an Art Gallery Assistant, who runs away from her Upper East Side, NYC upbringi...
  • featured
  • fiction
  • lovestory
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