Love Lines - Chapter 3

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The slap outside his head in a restaurant clued him in quickly that his sister was less than happy with him. Making her follow up of "What the fuck did you do?" unnecessary.

"Well hello to you too baby sis. I thought you invited your brother to lunch not get violent on me. You're not going to find or keep a man if you keep that up."

Keisha sits down in the booth in a huff, slapped her purse down on the table, knocking the silverware askew. Her eyes narrowed as if she wanted to skewer him alive then feed him to ravenous dogs, starting with his dick first.

His little sister had always looked up to him. She used to run to his room during thunderstorms and he would read her favorite fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood to calm her down. He taught her how to ride a bike and roller blade. When she had her first date he helped his dad put the fear of god, the devil and all kinds of demons into the guy about where his hands, mouth and dick better not be if he didn't want to lose them. Granted she came home early pissed and refused to talk to them for two weeks. But she came home as pure and untouched when she left.

And her looking at him now with no trace of the usual adoration in her eyes -missing those days were things were simpler Joseph wished for them back- meant only one thing. She knew about what happened.

Two days. It'd been only two days since that night. Two days of torturing himself from thinking about her and dreaming about her. Of wanting to taste her honeyed tanginess on his mouth again. To hear her screaming his name as she came on his cock. Two days that felt like two millennia worth of hellish misery from being away from her. To top it off, his sister found out and he deserved every tongue lashing coming his way. Still he was relieved that someone outside them knew because he desperately needed that tongue lashing to keep his fraying resolve coming apart by a tug of loose thread.

"Why did you do it?" demanded Keisha, her lips thinned in the don't bullshit me look to make his step-mother, Keisha's mother, Yuko, proud. "You were supposed to go over there and apologize. Not do a hit and run!"

Joseph sighed and opened his mouth to plead his case when the waiter came by to take their order. By the time he left to get their drinks -virgin strawberry daiquiri for Keisha and cranberry vodka for him- he realized he had no case at all but one. The truth.

"Sorry Key," he sighed, the weight of what he'd done and how much he fucked up it was as if he'd taken over Atlas' sentence. Scrubbing his face in his hands, he threaded his hands together and leaned towards the back of the booth like a puppet who'd just had their strings cut. "I did go over to apologize. But then she was standing there..she drives me crazy..she-"

"You like her." His head slowly shook from side to side in denial at her astuteness. "You like her a lot."

"I can't Key. I don't"

Keisha unfolded her arms and smiling pityingly, leaned across the table and patted his hand. "You mean you won't. Why not just go for it? Come on, I'm giving you an out from my don't touch my friends rule."

"Not much of an out since I've never went after your friends," Joseph snorted.

"Well that goes to show how much I care about you and Layla." Keisha sits back and scans her brother's face. "Unless I'm mistaken that you care nothing for her and manipulated her to get her into bed when you knew she had feelings for you. If so then you're a dick. And I'm telling mom."

"Really?" His head looked up sharply into her face and realized she wasn't kidding. "You're going to tattle on my mom. Thought we were grown adults."

"Yup," she nodded and accepted her drink from the waither. "Besides only one of us is acting like a 'grown adult.'" She said 'grown adult' as if was something so distasteful even brushing her teeth and gargling Listerine could remove the taste out of her mouth.

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