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Verum by ktk446
Verumby Hi
"You are the sacrifice to keep the pack safe, Evelyn Freeman. Your life will keep ours intact for yet another year, and for that you should be honored. We thank you...
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The Rose Awards [OPEN] by QuietWolves
The Rose Awards [OPEN]by R O S E 🌹
The Rose Awards are currently open and accepting entries. OPEN ✔ CLOSED ✖ JUDGING✖
  • prizes
  • werewolf
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once // calum hood by kristxn
once // calum hoodby k loves c
don't forget that you loved me once // continuation/sequel to Talk Fast Updates once a week on Tuesdays Started on January 1, 2019
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  • 5sos
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The Simplest Of Things by cheesestix679
The Simplest Of Thingsby Alice Montgomery
Fifteen year old Emilia Clyde is on the verge of pursuing her dream of acting. But fulfilling that dream and leaving her small home is difficult with her three other bro...
  • discoveringyourself
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4W by mesret3
4Wby EtHmY
Coming soon..
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UNHOLY! ☆ NICK ROBINSON by babylonashton
UNHOLY! ❝ i know it's wrong that i want to be here in your arms. ❞ in which after their breakup, nick robinson and benjamin pierce still hookup (NICK ROBINSON X MALE OC)...
  • lgbtq
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Use Me | Fillie  by cxox011
Use Me | Fillie by bitchin’
She used him to love and left him to break. COMING SOON
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Anthropophobia ; Yoonmin by minsugazx
Anthropophobia ; Yoonminby Angel
jimin has a fear of people, hates them all with a burning passion. jungkook, his only "friend". but jimin ends up having a crush on the most popular guy in sch...
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coming soon by kimparkchim
coming soonby mochidimples
this book is basically anything that is coming soon as stated in the title
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Madness within the Pridelands by LHA  by lovehateadore
Madness within the Pridelands by lovehateadore
When Keith finally comes back from his timely adventures on his space whale while bonding with his Mother and Romelle, he tries to reach the Castle of Lions and finds ou...
  • vld
  • humor
  • boyxboy
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It's hard to remember [Shance] by DIN0-S3NPAI
It's hard to remember [Shance]by Dino Daddy
Imagine falling in love, Imagine falling in love and that person doesn't remember you after being gone for a year. "When I come back, it'll all be different!"...
  • keith
  • shiro
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Coming Soon. by AmoreAmor7
Coming Infinity
New Max Series.
  • books
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Forever My Girl // Adopted By Taylor Swift  by writing_4_life_
Forever My Girl // Adopted By writing_4_life_
Lux has been bounced around homes her whole life, from home to home never loved or cared for. Lux finally decides to file for emancipation, leading her to track down her...
  • fostercare
  • anxiety
  • ptsd
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Vape; Yang Jeongin by minsugazx
Vape; Yang Jeonginby Angel
When Changbin's Sister, Seo Dae, Finds Happiness With The New Kid, Yang Jeongin. However, What If Dae Had To Choose Between The Boy She Loved And Her Life.. - - - 𝔰𝔱𝔞...
  • fanfiction
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  • minsung
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Important! by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
Important!by S. M. Plumely
This is basically for my first video game ever! Just some info, some updates, and idea sharing! So if you are intrested in suggesting or just following along this 'journ...
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Never Say Die | Mouth x OC by LabyrinthFan
Never Say Die | Mouth x OCby Labyrinth Fan
GOONIES FANFIC | MOUTH X OC UPDATED EVERY THREE DAYS FOR FIRST FIVE WEEKS On the nineteenth of May, 1989, the town of Astoria was put under curfew. Twenty-one criminals...
  • stef
  • action
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Elite ♔ chuck bass [1] by hufflesnuff
Elite ♔ chuck bass [1]by rani 👽
❝Love is stupid and overrated.❞ ❝I'll drink to that.❞ ♔ (gossip girl season one) (fem!oc + chuck bass)
  • blair
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Dog Days by Mala_Insegnata
Dog Daysby Mala Insegnata
The reaper looked at Alexi and laughed, pushing Vanguard behind him, but firmly holding onto her wrist still. "Come and get her, Loverboy." Alexi lunged at the...
  • family
  • rescue
  • ghost
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NON-KOTLC SAS PROMO HQ by florencemaude
News, updates, and information about the non-KOTLC version of the beloved fanfiction Sovereignty and Servitude. Love in the Moon Book One of the Thadel Series Includes: ...
  • diana
  • keeperofthelostcities
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Head Over Sneakers  by lovelyness-
Head Over Sneakers by ❄️
❝Just you watch, Mikaela. You'll be head over heels in love with me before the end of this year.❞ I rolled my eyes at his confidently spoken words and scoffed. ❝You're...
  • loving
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  • lovelyness-
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