It's hard to remember [Shance] by DIN0-S3NPAI
It's hard to remember [Shance]by Dino Daddy
Imagine falling in love, Imagine falling in love and that person doesn't remember you after being gone for a year. "When I come back, it'll all be different!"...
  • shance
  • shiro
  • galra
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R U N N I N G || NBA YOUNGBOY  by alexis_bih
Just read ??
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  • bigb
  • louisiana
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Elite ♔ chuck bass [1] by hufflesnuff
Elite ♔ chuck bass [1]by rani
❝Love is stupid and overrated.❞ ❝I'll drink to that.❞ ♔ (gossip girl season one) (fem!oc + chuck bass)
  • vanderwoodsen
  • manhattan
  • blairwaldorf
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THE REAPER ━ marvel by ohdinson
THE REAPER ━ marvelby ✧ mina ✧
━ THE REAPER ❝ would she take away our soul, or would she take away theirs?❞ mina | 2018 | before avengers infinity war - avengers infinity war-avengers 4 | ON HOLD FOR...
  • comics
  • marvel
  • 2018
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Head Over Sneakers  by lovelyness-
Head Over Sneakers by ❄️
❝Just you watch, Mikaela. You'll be head over heels in love with me before the end of this year.❞ I rolled my eyes at his confidently spoken words and scoffed. ❝You're...
  • tomboy
  • badboy
  • loving
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Yandere Harem? by viakitt
Yandere Harem?by Mystery name chan
Walking to school and entering the gates here you will meet my stupid so called squad. Osano Najimi - Tsundere Strawberry Amao Odayaka - Baker Dude Kizano Sunobu - Drama...
  • squad
  • humor
  • senpai
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White Knight by little-tamartian
White Knightby RaeGlizzlyFoShizzy😛
Just read itttttt
  • newalbum
  • adventure
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Hiro x reader by Lost_at_Sea66
Hiro x readerby Kaneki Ken
  • lemon
  • comingsoon
  • hiro
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Forbidden Love by little-tamartian
Forbidden Loveby RaeGlizzlyFoShizzy😛
**COMPLETE** "I can't keep living like this." Toni said below her breath. "Please don't leave me. I need you and I love you." Bryan said as they wait...
  • daughter
  • romance
  • love
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Graphic Shop by emilymarieharvey
Graphic Shopby Emily
My own, as well as other author's covers inside. _ [ x ] OPEN [ ] CLOSED [ ] ON HOLD _ Highest Rankings: #16 in Poetry Collection #6 in Poem Book #73 in Sad Story ...
  • badboy
  • teenromance
  • graphics
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REPERCUSSIONS   ( chase davenport ) by VoidMaddy
REPERCUSSIONS ( chase davenport )by -‵ˏ MADZ ˎʹ-
REPERCUSSIONS | ❝i just wanna rock the boat and kiss and tell❞ in which two kids with abilities who've known eachother for nearly their whole lives fall in love ...
  • labrats
  • adamdavenport
  • breedavenport
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School of Specialized Psycho' by annyfighter
School of Specialized Psycho'by Annyfighter
We are cold hearted human being. weak connections among the components of the brain's emotional systems or in a short explanation we're disconnecting our ability to fee...
  • watty2018
  • comingsoon
  • hot
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KALA (extended) by iidmhd
KALA (extended)by iidmhd
I'm Saka, Half of KALA
  • amorfati
  • teaser
  • teen
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Extras and Excerpts by BoldMoves
Extras and Excerptsby BoldMoves
A little bit of this; a little bit of that... Basically, just odds and ends type of things. Bits and pieces that don't warrant making a book of their own: such as survey...
  • comingsoon
  • excerpts
  • fanfiction
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COMING SOON! Untukmu Gadis Dewa by Faradita by penerbitkubusmedia
Halo gadis-gadis...!!! Melanjutkan info sebelumnya, buku quotes Untukmu Gadis Dewa akan bisa dipesan mulai tanggal 01-16 Desember 2018 nanti ya... . Seperti di gambar, a...
  • kubusmediagroup
  • dewapradipta
  • faradita
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The Boyfriend App [ H ] by littlevirgos
The Boyfriend App [ H ]by itsnotsofea
Disebabkan cemburu dengan rakannya , Lya mengambil keputusan untuk mencuba aplikasi yang sentiasa disebut oleh rakannya . Kejadian berebut keropok tempoh hari membuat k...
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The Revival by xxbuioamorexx
The Revivalby Hi :)
Jesus has returned. Vengeance and envy coursing through his body. The idyllic couple enjoying their passion and love. An event that breaks havoc. A secret that ruins e...
  • sequel
  • death
  • jesus
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once // calum hood (coming jan. 2019) by kristxn
once // calum hood (coming jan. k loves c
don't forget that you loved me once // continuation/sequel to Talk Fast
  • continuation
  • comingsoon
  • fanfiction
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Coming Soon! by h01052007
Coming Soon!by Meep
Books that are going to be published very soon! Books include: Bad Girl Squad dAngerous Stressed Out Don't Go Into the Closet and many others!
  • trailers
  • ilysm
  • book
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Bang Bang •Tysh• by missshittywriter
Bang Bang •Tysh•by Stacey
Tyler Joseph, millionaire, big shot musician selling out large arenas. Joshua dun, fresh out of training private government agent. Tyler has secrets. Joshua's first cas...
  • blood
  • joshdun
  • lgbt
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