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Shattered Pieces of Nothing by readingswhereitsat
Shattered Pieces of Nothingby shewholives
The moon goddess is the epitome of perfection, a higher power to be forever glorified by the children of the moon and the souls of the night. It's absolutely ludicrous t...
  • moongoddess
  • demise
  • love
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Primal Fortune by LadySapphire2018
Primal Fortuneby LadySapphire2018
Glamour, mischief, and mystery made Halloween the perfect holiday for a werewolf fortune teller like Ivy Winters. That was until one meddling tarot card decided to stack...
  • humor
  • shapeshifting
  • werewolves
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Cartomancy •Yoonmin• by CopicFox
Cartomancy •Yoonmin•by For fox’s sake
"You brought me here all the way from the party to play fucking cards?" Where Yoongi drags Jimin out for some fortune telling Warning - contains mature languag...
  • yoongi
  • yoonmin
  • supernatural
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In The Cards by Lucipang
In The Cardsby Lucipang
Izuku Midoriya was four years old when he was told he was Quirkless. He was fourteen when he discovered it wasn't true. Four year old Izuku skipped into the hospital tha...
  • izukudoesntinheritoneforall
  • izukuisntquirkless
  • bnha
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The Rogue's Hunter by Whiskeyqueenn
The Rogue's Hunterby Whiskeyqueenn
This story is now on hold. The clock ticks... Ember has always had a special ability to tell the future. She is a Spirit Talker who lives a simple life with her family...
  • alpha
  • paranormal
  • generalfiction
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Mermaid's Rush | Mermaid #1| by ZaraKhan850
Mermaid's Rush | Mermaid #1|by Zara Khan
Highest rank #1 Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? Cory Evans is too much of realist to know mermaids exist only in fantasy novels,The little mermaid cartoons or movi...
  • kingdom
  • love
  • fish
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Circus of Silence by PhantomoCat
Circus of Silenceby Grace
The Witch's circus is in town, and you've got the best seat in the house! We only come around once in your pitiful, mortal lifespan. We've got feral beasts and fer...
  • fortuneteller
  • victorian
  • tiger
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Dark Visions | #OpenNovellaContest2019 by LLSanders
Dark Visions | Leslie Lee Sanders
Maxine is a tarot reader who keeps drawing the same card over and over again. Psychic visions of a mysterious man with the exact card tattooed on his body manifests with...
  • alternateuniverse
  • sciencefiction
  • thriller
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Switch! by Aarmau4life1200
Switch!by DeeDee
"You don't know how hard my life is!" Alivia shouted, tears streaming down her face. "You just" she breathed. "Don't know" Mason ran to her...
  • weirdstuff
  • teen
  • oneweek
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Mismatched by samkately
Mismatchedby Samantha Kately
The first rule of matchmaking - trust your instincts. When top chef Jake Sinclair steps into the fortune teller's waiting room for his monthly reading, he hadn't anticip...
  • lovers
  • thelitawards2019
  • fate
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Unfortunate Kismet by LaerineAedriel
Unfortunate Kismetby elle
It's about a girl that can see what's coming ahead of you. She's different from others,everyone's afraid of her. So instead of interacting with them, she separated herse...
  • fate
  • teenfiction
  • kismet
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Ask Shuriki [LIMITED TIME] by merpixie333
Ask Shuriki [LIMITED TIME]by Every thing Mystical, Magical...
- Skeptical about the show Elena of Avalor? - Why not ask the women who really started it all -Shuriki is a mind reader. -Shuriki can predict the future and awnser ANY q...
  • shuriki
  • princess
  • fortuneteller
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The Arcana RolePlay by Limenakitty
The Arcana RolePlayby Mocha Kitty
You've worked for Asra for a while now, and sadly yet again he had left. Giving you his deck of cards for the customers to know the situation of the future. You end up h...
  • fortuneteller
  • rp
  • thearcanaisadatingsim
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District X by WrongZent
District Xby xzent_
The place where dwells the wars of Gods and Goddesses...
  • risktaking
  • fortuneteller
  • observant
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Cassandra Syndrome (ONC 2019 II) by ninetailedsilverfox
Cassandra Syndrome (ONC 2019 II)by Rania Castielle
Cassie has never found a fortune teller on Earth that could read her future. It's always the same cards she got over and over again from the different tarot readers she...
  • syndrome
  • boys
  • tarot
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Crystallized by IreenChau
Crystallizedby Ireen
Sybella had never considered herself a thief-she thought too highly of herself to do so. Whatever excuses she made up in her lifetime, though, technicality always made h...
  • humor
  • pirates
  • fortuneteller
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Good Girl, Bad Girl by RilakKumamon21
Good Girl, Bad Girlby 🌟 Wanna Be Your Star 🌟
"You say you see the future, prove it" "I see you, you are my future" Chorong loses all her friends in one day, after that she began to change. Karma...
  • minyoongi
  • fiction
  • bts
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Fortune Teller(Saint Tail Fanfic) by MangaAnimeLoverSS
Fortune Teller(Saint Tail Fanfic)by Shania Swafford
Seira meets Maju and the younger girl is charmed at meeting Saint Tail's helper. But, is Maju going to hurt her or help her?
  • teen
  • kidnapping
  • sainttail
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