Tall, Dark and Hateful - Chapter 1

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Lance glanced over the rim of his glass of Glen Garioch 12 scotch whisky to the group of ladies and one male in a booth having their picture taken

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Lance glanced over the rim of his glass of Glen Garioch 12 scotch whisky to the group of ladies and one male in a booth having their picture taken. He'd been watching them all night. Safe to say they were embroiled in the typical girl's night out and seemed to be pushing their light skinned friend with braids and curve hugging purple dress towards the guy with the fro. Which didn't seem to be a good idea as he'd overheard the guy making plans with the blond at the bar to meet up later. And even from his perch he could tell their friends wasn't interested. But it wasn't his business.

No his business was the alluring woman with the long locks. Bea Lowell. Or to be exact Janace Elizabeth Lowell. A woman who was such an ingenious manipulator and liar. The thorn in his company's side. And unfortunately beautiful and sexy as she was deadly.

No wonder she was able to get their latest employee causing the company's redevelopment plan to screech to a halt again. He didn't know how she did it but he was going to find out.

He drained the last of his whisky then knocked on the bar for another as he continued to study her. When her gaze shifted from the server handing back the phone to his, hitting him with a blast of lust so swift and hot and hard straight to his groin.

The photo in the profile he gathered on her didn't do her justice. Now with their eyes locked once again felt it was too bad he couldn't pursue her.

She was the type of woman meant to warm a man's bed. With the kind kind of curves a man could hold on to as he pounded into her warm heat.

Shaking his head, he pushed out the thoughts of what it would be like to massage those swollen breasts and ass to match. Then tore his gaze away and took another sip of his drink.

He was doing reconnaissance on an enemy. Bedding her wasn't part of the equation. Not now or ever.



"What did you say," asked Jenna looking at Bea with a confused expression.

"Check out the bar. Light skinned brotha. At eleven o'clock," she replied nodding her head in that direction. "And tell you don't think he's yummy."

"What was that?" Felicite' leaned across the table. "Who's yummy?"

"Eleven o'clock," Jenna and Bea answered together. The others stopped their conversation and looked in the same direction as well.

"Well damn," exclaimed Keisha.

"And that's my cue to go." Alejandro stood up, winked and said, "Ladies," before sauntering off to find another conquest. Which didn't take long as the willowy brunette who'd been eyeing him since he joined their booth waylaid him seconds later.

"Who do you think he was looking at?" asked Keisha.

"He's fine and all but he has nothing on Joseph."

"Girl please. You're hooked on my brother. 'Course you'll say that."

"Besides," Bea spoke up, "He was looking at me. So he's mine."

"Bea, this night supposed to be girls only and to support Layla." Felicite''s eyes turned back to the man they were discussing. "Though he is fine."

"Attractive," added Jenna.

"Sexy," said Keisha.

"There's something intensely dark about him that dares me to find out if he brings that intensity to bed."

Felicite' groaned while the rest shook their heads in amusement. Bea liked a good dare. So much so one could truly say she was more than partial to them.

That's it. The man was way too tempting to pass up. Although it was her plan to get the girls together tonight as part of the plan to make Joseph suffer while showing Layla there were plenty of other fish in the sea, she had no qualms in calling it a night. Especially if the night ended with the guy's number or him in her bed.

Mind made up, she glanced at Layla, Jenna, Felicite' and Keisha to apologize for ditching them when from the corner of her eye she saw her dark and intense man getting up and walking out the door.

Well damn. This what she got from waiting too long to pounce. Bea sighed and waved for the waiter for another drink. Inwardly scolding herself for not striking while the iron was hot, she focused her attention on their girl's night out.

Whoever her mystery man was, she'd never see him again. Besides, there were plenty of fishes in the sea for her to end her dry spell with. Unlike the others, there wasn't a man she was holding out for and waiting on. She just wanted one who knew what he was doing and how to make her feel good. That was all she needed.

For everything else, she had her business and her girls.

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