On the Mat - Chapter 3

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This latest chapter is a bit shorter but hope you enjoy it.

Last week Jenna received a 'proposal' from the man taking her yoga class and who she is secretly attracted to. Does she accept his 'proposal'? Well you have to read on to find out.

Jason always thought of himself as a patient hunter. He had a knack for it. So much so his squad nicknamed him predator. Whether because he was instinctive to those he preyed or because he reminded them of the advanced ET from the Schwarzenegger film didn't matter. Once he had something in his sights he never lets go.

But Jenna was different. It wasn't about the hunt or the chase. Thy physical responses she brought out of him were there. Yet as much as he wanted to catch her and make her his. He also wanted to protect her. Which was why her obvious discomfort and desperateness confused him. It didn't take him to find out why.

Jenna truly wanted anonymity. She didn't want it known she authored a self-help yoga sex book. Her author photo was a black and white of her in a yoga pose with her face obscured. She had no social media accounts to promote the book under her own name or pen name.

And he couldn't understand why. Her book been a number one bestseller on Amazon for weeks. On word of mouth alone. The woman should be celebrating it. Not hiding it.

Unless it was some conflict of interest situation. Being shy and modest thus making her feel embarrassed about it didn't quite cut it. After reading her book cover to cover it was clear to him that there was a second Jenna she hid from the world. Someone bold and passionate.

Either way if she didn't want it known, he'd gladly keep it secret. A secret between them. Besides he wouldn't want anyone else discovering her other side. And hopefully he could be of further use in re-enacting some new poses for her second book.

First he needed her answer. To know that she likes the idea of getting to know each other better outside of yoga class.

He meant to giver a day or two but images of their bodies entwined in some of the poses in her book kept creeping into his mind at all hours of the day. He couldn't concentrate on work at the base. He couldn't sleep because of hard ons that couldn't stay away. If he didn't have her ass in the air in downward facing dog taking his cock deep inside her soon he'd explode.

His gym shorts strained and tented from his hardened length seeking for the very warmth currently eluding him. He thought of the last time they met- which did him no favors- as he finished blending his protein shake when he recalled their meeting again, and the fear in her glassy eyes.

He removed the lid and put the rim to his lips to guzzle the drink down when realization dawned. The secrecy. Her wariness when she him and Sherry together. Her body posture that screamed she was being threatened.


Jason went over their conversation again and saw how Jenna might've misconstrued what he meant. For whatever reason, which didn't matter now, Jenna wanted to remain anonymous. But then he found out. Demanded to meet her. And was also witnessed with a woman who did not like her. Then he didn't make his intentions clearly enough but said he wanted her.

If he was Jenna, her train of thought would more than likely lead her to believe that he was blackmailing her to keep his silence. She might be thinking he was blackmailing her for sex. As if needed to do something like that.

"Fuck!" Jason shouted again as he bang the blender on the kitchen counter. He grabbed his phone from the the tiled counter, swiped the screen and pulled up Jenna's number from his contacts.

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