SENTIR, malfoy by 97KING
SENTIR, malfoyby mclovin
❛ lemon candy and petrichor ❜ d. malfoy / male oc copyright © 97KING 2018 on-going
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  • empath
  • draco
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Heart vs Mind (Saiki K x Reader) by xxhope_and_halosxx
Heart vs Mind (Saiki K x Reader)by Leonita
You're a normal girl with a normal life, well, almost normal. You've always been able to tune in to the emotions of others. Because of that you're able to connect with p...
  • empath
  • romance
  • saiki
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Red As Blood {Elena Gilbert} (TVD) by WitchyLuna
Red As Blood {Elena Gilbert} (TVD)by Wiccan Luna
"Come on now, Love. Don't listen to what that dick has to say." {Elena Gilbert fanfic} ((Vampire Diaries//Season One))
  • stefansalvatore
  • katherinepierce
  • vampires
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The Mark by My_Name_is_Peaches
The Markby The Peach
Everything is flipped upside down for Layla when she meets Aiden, and it's not because he's cute. He is blackmailing her to help him on his quest to kill the red King. W...
  • magic
  • shadowmagic
  • quest
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Reina of the moon  by bookslover5879
Reina of the moon by Yana
The moon has many connections; femininity, immortality and water. But it is also connected to emotions. My name is Reina, I became a mermaid about 2 months ago and I wa...
  • lewis
  • sertori
  • nickelodeon
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A Sign of Fate (Ballad of the Seer, Book Three) by jms777
A Sign of Fate (Ballad of the Seer...by Jared
[COMPLETED] Lily Bishop is in trouble in Book Three of the Ballad of the Seer series. She is on the run with her boyfriend and soulmate, Duncan, attempting to clear her...
  • werewolf
  • youngadult
  • romance
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Of Saints and Freedom | editing by unearthlylore
Of Saints and Freedom | editingby Ryah
[A Wattpad Featured Story (Jan 8, 2018)] While navigating through her final year of college, Freedom Whitfield embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finds that she'...
  • newadult
  • twinflames
  • voodoo
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My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story) ~ Years 5-7~ by Ocean-Girl
My Friend (Harry Potter Love Story...by Ocean-Girl
~ Years 5-7 ~"Ro, I love you, that's because!" shouted Harry. I stop dead and I turn around "What?" I said, hoping he's not lying, "Rosemar...
  • year
  • fifth
  • fisher
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the colours of copenhagen by altraviolets
the colours of copenhagenby maryam.
  • young
  • empath
  • adult
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Rampage (Sequel to The Domestic Dragon) by HelloBeautifulChild
Rampage (Sequel to The Domestic Dr...by Alexandria Leigh
"We knew what we were doing, we started a war, and we're gonna finish it." Alenia has never felt more domestic than she does now. Living with the Jones family...
  • matriarch
  • witch
  • rampage
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Family Business // Supernatural by Cece20102
Family Business // Supernaturalby Sierra 20102
Carson Hancher is a family friend of the Winchesters. She has been with them since she was little, that was when her mother and father both left on a hunt and never retu...
  • carson
  • dean
  • castiel
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Rightful Heir by maryleam
Rightful Heirby Mary McKennan
"We all have our own life story. It is filled with relationships and events that help shape who we are and what we believe to be true about the world. Depending on...
  • curses
  • sixthsense
  • lineage
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First, Do No Harm by Christine_Owen
First, Do No Harmby Christine Owen
Sydney Cho dreams. Her Taiwanese Grandmother calls her an empath - someone who feels deeply - and insists that she is gifted, not cursed, with the power. The only proble...
  • doctor
  • empath
  • medical
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A Prophecy of Darkness (Ballad of the Seer, Book Two) by jms777
A Prophecy of Darkness (Ballad of...by Jared
[COMPLETED] The second book in the Ballad of the Seer Series finds Lily Bishop once again dealing with strange dreams that seem to spell out danger lurking around the sm...
  • supernatural
  • empath
  • seer
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Trouble School by 16prof
Trouble Schoolby Lizzy-Mae Corbell
Book Two of the Unofficial Case Files { { o } } Ten years ago, Detective Rodney Klocke had his first encounter with the supernatural. The case cost him his...
  • ghosts
  • manipulation
  • murder
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My Mythical Journal (Real) by Catm_16
My Mythical Journal (Real)by Melody/Fae
this is true. no hate comments I will delete them if I see them.
  • catshifter
  • hunters
  • invisibillty
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Empathy by littlebirdinthemoon
Empathyby littlebirdinthemoon
Emi is an empath. But what are empath's really? Everyone thought they just channeled emotions but they are so much more... At least a powerful one is.
  • powerful
  • werewolf
  • empath
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Sex & the Law of Attraction by IraRosen
Sex & the Law of Attractionby Ira Rosen
I have a theory. The Law of Attraction, Synchronicity, Personal Magnetism and the common Coincidence are just different aspects of the same force. Do you remember when y...
  • magnetism
  • manifestation
  • ethereal
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Windows to the Soul (Criminal Minds x OC) by KitKatNinja2023
Windows to the Soul (Criminal Mind...by Dakota
She's a thirteen-year-old empath. They're a team of highly trained FBI agents. She's a runaway street fighter. They're profilers for the BAU. She saved one of their live...
  • spencerreid
  • comingofage
  • davidrossi
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Different (On Hiatus) by Eau_de_Glace
Different (On Hiatus)by Eau_de_Glace
Character powers are based on BoBoiBoy Galaxy. They were once normal kids living a relatively normal life. That was until they turned 7. When their powers began to surfa...
  • nature
  • time
  • wind
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