Aspergers H/S ✔️ by Harrys_Space_Buns
Aspergers H/S ✔️by 🌻
COMPLETED Harry has a condition called Aspergers its in the family of Autism He lives alone and likes it that way but he can't help but feel like he's missing someone...
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Ribs ☽  styles by pacifyherafi
Ribs ☽ stylesby Prophet Nicole
a boxer falls in love with a mentally disabled girl. lowercase intended!!
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Self Righteous by destaniisrad
Self Righteousby destani
The Nobles, that's what everyone who had a heartbeat at Mentorist High called them. They were the definition of superior and undeniable beauty. A boy, no a man, who exud...
  • romance
  • bwbm
  • sports
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The Artist and The Dancer by nikki20038
The Artist and The Dancerby nic
Hamilton Academy of the Arts. The school Sydney Acosta moved to all the way from Toronto, Ontario at some barely known town that should actually be considered a city. Af...
  • school
  • outcast
  • teenager
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Paying For It by PiesandThighs
Paying For Itby 💜PiesandThighs💜
A woman A man A one night stand An ex boyfriend, An ex wife A messed up life A sister, A brother A set of fathers and mothers Will...
  • diversitylit
  • wattpride
  • pregnancy
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The Suave and the Swaggy || zarry by the-ninja-knee
The Suave and the Swaggy || zarryby platinum maknae™
"YOU'RE the new secretary?!" "YOU'RE my boss?!"
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APOTHEOSIS ― minho¹ by thorsloki
APOTHEOSIS ― minho¹by kaye
0.1 | ❝ The gods play their games; mortals pay their price. ❞ [ MOVED - previously 200k reads ]
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  • minho
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baby |a.i. ft j.g.| by TeaIsForTimi
baby |a.i. ft j.g.|by Timi
"I'm sorry, Zo. Please forgive me, baby." He nearly begged, bending down to sit up on his knees, hands holding her legs. Zoë sighed, biting down on her botto...
  • interracial
  • ashtonirwin
  • jackgilinsky
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1950 // j.b [DISCONTINUED] by prombysza
1950 // j.b [DISCONTINUED]by ♡
He was white. She was black. Now that, that, changes everything. Along with the extra drama that came along with the journey. CAUTION: DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFF...
  • projectpoc
  • drama
  • romance
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Home With You [COMPLETED] (Temp. Title Change) by wevad3
Home With You [COMPLETED] (Temp. Wevad
[Highest rank #34- romance] I tried to forget and avoid him at all cost. He was exactly what I didn't need in my already complex life. But fate has a funny way of maki...
  • wmbw
  • blackgirl
  • bwwm
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Captured To Become A Vampire Prince's Bride by byugancrystal
Captured To Become A Vampire Jessica
Arianne Rosalina DeWynters found herself in trouble one evening while she was exploring the park with her best friend. She's kidnapped, taken to another place- another w...
  • fight
  • love
  • prince
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POC Face Claims by beylibra
POC Face Claimsby Salope
POC to cast for your stories ;) Please, if you'd like to suggest a specific person or more of a type of person (race, gender, size, sexuality, religion, profession,etc)...
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Twitta// Z.M by ZaddyChampagne
Twitta// Z.Mby Zayn’s wifey
@justinebishes: That moment when bae notice you @Zayn , thanks for the follow bihh
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Conscious ✔️ by Harrys_Space_Buns
Conscious ✔️by 🌻
COMPLETED ! {Sequel to Aspergers} ! Harry and Jade are in a full time commitment. The two moved into a house together and Harry adapted to having a girlfriend and a...
  • interracial
  • peopleofcolor
  • sequel
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DISCORDIA ― bellamy blake¹ by thorsloki
DISCORDIA ― bellamy blake¹by kaye
0.1 | ❝ You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed? ❞ [ MOVED - previously 100k reads ]
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Hunter, Cori Hunter (Girl Meets World-- Lucas Friar) by Melaninaide
Hunter, Cori Hunter (Girl Meets Taylor
Dear Darling, On October 30th, at 4:20 am you came into our lives and changed it for the better. We don't have much to give it except for a leather jacket, from me, a b...
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Zima and D'Marcus | ✓ by toyabright
Zima and D'Marcus | ✓by - b a d b i h -
Highest Rank: #659 in Humor. 1th in #bmbw Gaining the bad boy's attention isn't the best of things, neither is it rewarding. Zima loves school while D'Marcus hates, D'...
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Followed //CTH// by GloomySpice
Followed //CTH//by Jay
"I was serious when i said I'd date a fan she used to make edits of me" Calum is a switch and a masochist and Destiny is Switch and a sadist.
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  • 2018
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leave me lonely ; zustin by yoncestark
leave me lonely ; zustinby тнє кнαℓєєѕι.
The capture of mind, body and soul. For that, the one and only, Justin Drew Bieber is to blame. But Zayn couldn't. He couldn't bring himself to blame the man he loves...
  • boyxboy
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Him And Her [Editing] by ShravyaDeswal
Him And Her [Editing]by Shravya Deswal
They were married. He didn't appreciate it. She didn't either. Hate filled in their minds. Love drained into their hearts. He didn't realise. She refused to realise. A d...
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