Dryland | ongoing by simonesaidwhat
Dryland | ongoingby simone
❝ darling it's better down where it's wetter ❞ [Book 3 of the Fairytale Series, sequel to Once Upon a One Night Stand and Arabian Nights. Both books must be read befo...
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Bed Keeper by CometsofMind
Bed Keeperby Aleisha at uni
{Book 2 in the 'Stay in Bed' Series MUST READ BED WARMER FIRST} They always tell you about the 'one', your perfectly compatible soulmate. They never tell you about your...
  • funny
  • newadult
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Blackout | ✓ by bateaux
Blackout | ✓by s(kell)eton 幽霊
There are some things you can't forget. Copyright © k.s. lynch 2016
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  • drama
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Whistleblower by ToastedBagels
Whistleblowerby Kate Marchant
Laurel Cates is a people-watcher. She's determined to get through college without stepping on any toes or causing a scene, and so far, it's going pretty well. But when L...
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Catharsis {Book 1 of the 90% series}[d.k.] by validslut_
Catharsis {Book 1 of the 90% serie...by clouty clouds 🕶☁️
Catharsis- (v) the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. --- "i tell that nigga everything cause he's my way out of...
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Imalroc by smaoineamh
Imalrocby smaoineamh
In the brutal world of battleboxing, Imalroc sacrificed years to become an unbeatable champion. But his will to fight vanishes when he learns that he will never earn his...
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  • political
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SUGAR! by Yawldee
SUGAR!by Yoldie
Kyla Desmond is an 19 year old girl who have known nothing but pain and suffering for most of her life. After running away from her abusive step father, she falls into t...
  • love
  • young
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Beware Of Dogs (Kryptonite Rewrite) [bwwm] by pigmented
Beware Of Dogs (Kryptonite Rewrite...by a dana scully fan
He wasn't sure how he'd lived without her for so long. And he wasn't sure how, or why, she had entered his life at the point she had, but he wasn't complaining. His gir...
  • poc
  • blackgirl
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
  • islamiclovestory
  • desi
  • muslim
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River of Tears by astroeclipse
River of Tearsby souadou
A girl known for trying to kill herself and a guy who thinks she shouldn't have to go through it all, alone. © copyright souadou barry 2018 - this story has the use of m...
  • suicidalthoughts
  • contemporary
  • asianinlit
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Dead Girls Tell No Tales by kaloned
Dead Girls Tell No Talesby - ̗̀ asha ̖́-
[ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old...
  • paranormal
  • diverselit
  • 1001nights
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The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disguise (Featured Story) by XxUCOxX
The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disg...by U.C. Kalu
It didn't take long for junior Miren Eze to realize that high school is just an academic cover up for hell. Especially when she is terrorized daily by Penelope van Helsi...
  • humor
  • talkthepoc
  • wattys2016
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A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Up by rainbowbrook
A Gentleman's Guide to Hooking Upby Christine
Casual sex is harder than it seems. In order to keep it safe, both emotionally and physically, Jake comes up with a set of rules.
  • highschool
  • shortstory
  • rich
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Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓ by PandaGuts
Sweeter Than Fiction | ✓by Pearl. W. Pleyse
Rudy Sampson hates a lot of things. He especially hates his job and the new guy that works there. Right up until he doesn't. This is the tale of how Rudy and Miles fell...
  • taygetsthegay
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The Crimes of an Alpha  by addictwakeyboard
The Crimes of an Alpha by teehee
#1 in alphaxalpha #2 in rising #48 in diversity & asian Ever since they were kids, Darius Lockwood and Xavier Night have been butting heads. A childish feud that has la...
  • diversityinlit
  • black
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Losin' Control by ChloeMangray
Losin' Controlby Chloë Mangray
Before she could get another word out, she found herself pinned against the wall, Dane's hands placed on either side of her head as he snarled down at her. A vein in his...
  • humor
  • girlcode
  • weneeddiversity
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Playing To The Beat Of My Own Drum by Ashia234
Playing To The Beat Of My Own Drumby Na'ashia
Amal Ameer is a Muslim girl who strongly believes in her religion, she loves to break stereotypes stopping people from thinking otherwise. But, even the strongest peop...
  • independent
  • struggles
  • school
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 hyperbole | ongoing  by azxriel
hyperbole | ongoing by जुनून
[noun] •exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. Myra thinks Harvey is her safe haven. Harvey thinks Myra is his biggest mystery. And when...
  • malayalam
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • nayanthara
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A Thousand Tales by iwearwords
A Thousand Talesby M.
"I speak to those who listen. To the moon that provides company. To the stars that listen. To the hearts that have been broken. To the stories that are written in o...
  • betrayal
  • retelling
  • witch
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I'm Upset by 2Clockwork
I'm Upsetby Jay Smith-Brand
The Voice of the Voiceless has waited long enough. I'm tired of so many things going on in this world that go unheard, that trend for no reason, and that lack the knowle...
  • politics
  • thoughts
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