Taming the Beast - Chapter 1 Part 3

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Alejandro finds himself caring a lot when it concerns Keisha. He shouldn't be looking at her. Thinking about her. She's not the one. But he can't seem to stop himself. How will deal with his confusing feelings when he's yet to find his beauty to break the curse? Happy reading! :-D

"How did you find me?"

Alejandro snaked a chair from another table and sat down at the end of theirs. He grabbed some of her fries from her plate, his quick fingers too fast for her slap to make contact. If looks could kill then the thieving bastard should've died on the stop from her glare. Instead he did his come hither sexy wink, turning their waitress into a bumbling mess. With stars in her eyes she hovered over him and when she brought his order, the same as hers, he thanked her with a kiss on her knuckles.

Keisha swear by the dazed glaze of her eyes if they were to do a brain scan the test results would show the organ short circuited. Blasted devil was too charming and sexy for his own good.

She watched in mortification as her friends welcomed Alejandro with a breathy hi as if they've never seen a good looking man before. In fact, all of their men -except her brother, ew- were some of the sexiest men she ever had the benefit of being in the same room with. Just so much man pretty. Though Alejandro beat them by a small margin she admitted grudgingly to herself.

"What are you doing here?" Ignoring the looks of shock and amusement around her she grabbed a fry and chomped on it. "How did you find me?"

"Great minds think alike querida." Then he winked at her. He winked and her damnable heart flip flopped in her chest. "So what's this about catching a thief?"

"Bea got arrested for a crime she didn't commit," said Bea. She popped a cherry tomato into her mouth and continued, "And she didn't do it. We consulted our..."

Bea hesitated but there was no need for her to be cautious. Alejandro was in good company. Nodding her assent, she leaned back and crossed her arms.

"We consulted our gifts." Pointing at herself, "The crystal ball," her pointed finger went towards Layla, "tarot cards," and then at Jenna to her right, "and visions."

Interested Alejandro placed his elbows on the table pushing his now empty plate to the side. Grabbing another of her fries, he asked, "What did you see."

"None of us saw a face," answered Layla.

"The thief will show themself two nights from now."

"And we have to help Felicite'find them," Bea ended passionately.

Silence fell over them. A sense of unease wriggled in her gut like squirming worms on a fishing hook. There was something else, left unsaid but heard in Bea's urgent tone, she didn't like.

"Would it be dangerous?"

Alejandro asked. She felt a pressure on her knee, his warm hand feeling familiar and as if they've done that before, giving her comfort and making her feel safe.

"It might be," admitted Bea then raced on, cutting Alejandro from whatever he wanted to say.

Wondering what it was, she was only half listening to the rest of Bea's explanation. Until she heard how stricken Felicite' was.

"Felicite' feels guilty about the money we used to bail her out. So we're concerned she'll try something on her own."

Keisha nodded. She understood and would do the same. Besides she'd want to face them on her own head on too.

"So we don't plan to leave her alone. She'll shake us off but one of us will be on her. And taking pictures with our phones soon as we identify the real thief. You'll bring your camera and wear a nice dress."

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