Taming the Beast - Chapter 1 Part 5

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She loved him.

The thought came loud and clear from her mind to his. Unbelievable. Keisha was his mate. But it didn't make sense. The watch.... Alejandro mentally shook his head. It didn't matter. What mattered that he found his mate. Although from the horror of the tone he telepathically read she wasn't of the same mind how wonderful her feelings were.

His too.

Warmth, passion, love and lust bursted inside his chest. He wanted to take her again. Show her with his body, sliding into her and her taking him deep, that they were meant to be. But later, hopefully not that much later, he thought as a yawn escaped him. His little tigress wore him out. He had to rest first before he could start his campaign of wooing his mate.

An hour later, he woke up refreshed. And ready. And staring into the loveliest pair of eyes he'd ever seen staring back at him. With wariness. And he detected, the bank fires of passion behind them.

"Morning querida."

Her brow drew together in annoyance. "I've told you not to call me-"

He captured her mouth shutting her up. His tongue explored her mouth, excavating the wondrous treasure of it slowly, gently, languorously. She became pliant against him and he growled in victory when her tongue met his.

Heaven. Pure heaven.

Alejandro gloried in her soft skin. The scent of her and him mingled together still hung in the air drove him mad. But he tamped down the urge to take her hard and fast like before. He had to convince her, long, nice and slow, with his body that she was his. He was hers.



Her legs spread wider and wrapped around his hips. Opening herself up to accept him. Alejandro chuckled and thought it might be easier than he thought to convince her that loving him wasn't something horrific. Her body already knew it. And under the pleasure of his hands, mouth and tongue and cock, her mind would soon accept it. So God in heaven help him.

She undulated her hips and he slipped in. He froze and stayed still as her soft warm heat enveloped around the tip of his cock and squeezed. Breathing hard and ragged he pushed himself off, looked into her eyes, dark and hooded with desire, and willed himself not to plunge himself balls deep.

More. The thought jumped from her mind to his. I want more of you.

Keisha rolled her hips again and he slipped in a little more. Forget heaven. This was hell.

Shaking his head, he pulled out and his whole body convulsed.

"Alejandro?" Although muffled he heard clearly that she was worried. Her breath tickled his neck and he realized he was crushing her. He took deep lungfuls of much needed air until he was ready to move. Leaning slightly up off her he let his eyes roamed over her. Her hair spilled out over his pillow. Her skin glistened with a sheen of sweat, calling him to use his tongue to quench his thirst above pert bow lips, along her jaw and collarbone. He'd never seen anything more beautiful in his life. Or anything more tempting.

"Querida," the word escaped in a rattling voice, "you're going to stop doing that."

Keisha smirked. Then raised her hips, brushing her slickness against him before he could move away and off to her side, his knee brushing her torn negligee. "What, that?"

His mate liked to play games. So did he, thought Alejandro, as an idea formed in his head. With one hand he grasped both her wrists together and moved them above her head. His eyes never glanced away from hers and neither did hers. Her breath became as ragged as his as she waited for what he'd do next. Using his free hand, he distangled the torn purple fabric and quickly bound her hands to the headboard. Eyes widening, she tugged on the silky restraints.

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