Taming the Beast - Chapter 1 Part 1

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Hope you've enjoyed reading the novella series. While writing this one character in particular was very demanding in getting her own story. She was so adamant I couldn't ignore her and before I knew she had one.

So it's finally here! Here's the bonus story, this time featuring Keisha Anders, the younger sister and best friend to Joseph and Layla from the first novella "Love Lines." Hope you enjoy this one as well as the others. 

Happy reading!

Happy reading!

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Click. Flash.

"Beautiful." Click. Flash. "Now turn away from me, your chin grazing your shoulder as if you can't help but over your shoulder for one last glimpse of your lover." Click. Flash. "Sim. Lindo."

The model-slash-ex-lover blushed. She actually blushed. And Keisha wanted to punch the woman then herself next. The tone of voice Alejandro used was smoother than she ever heard it before. It hinted at something dark. Sexual. It was as if he was making love with the subject through his camera. And though the camera was pointed at her she felt its caress the same as that woman. Whatever her name was.

For want of better things to do than sitting in the director's folding chair and imagining things she didn't want to imagine she looked around the room. The lights overhead on the floor were at optimum illumination. Creating an almost halo effect around the subject. The wardrobe was rushing onto the set to change an accessory. The clunky beaded bracelet replaced with something slim and thin as gossamer wings. Alejandro was changing the lens of his camera.

Everywhere around her people were busy, working together like bees in a hive, towards one goal. Alejandro's first art showing. And finally, finally they were making progress.

"It's not going to work," said the accented voice startling Keisha, ruining her euphoria like deflated, popped balloon. She slowly looked up, ignoring the muscled abs pressing through his thin shirt, pass the why-did-they-have-to-flex-so-deliciously chest and into the bearded face of the Brazilian god of lust.

Desire and frustration battled it out. Her emotions stretched to snap from the ridiculous position she put herself in. All in the name to make this man's show a success. And for once, frustration won outl

"What did you say," she hissed through clench teeth. Her arm gripped the wooden arms of her chair for patience. But the suspicious sound of wood breaking suggest patience was futile. "I know you did not just say what I think you said."

He gave a noncommittal shrug then went back to fiddling with his camera. Keisha eyed the camera and wondered how long he'd breathe with it wrapped around his throat. Or better yet, what would he look like with his wrists strapped around them in bed, arms pulled taut and over his head...

No! Desire would not win and make her susceptible to Alejandro's whims. She was on a deadline. He was on a deadline.

"Simply. She's not the one querida.-"

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