On the Mat - Chapter 7

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As Jason promised his men got to meet Jenna. In her element. At first they thought he'd chicken out and was bombarded with relentless whines of what happened and jabs of knew he wouldn't. Then Jenna, who was using the bathroom in the hallway to change came through the door.
They became silent one by one as she entranced them with every step until she reached his desk.

Jason smiled with pride. And more than a little smug made the introductions with his arms firmly wrapped around her hips, silently letting them know she was off limits to any one of their flirtations. They'd just have to find their own goddess.

"Jenna this big guy was the one who wanted to meet you the most." He nodded his head towards Kevin, the ring leader, who stood to the far left of them. Jenna flinched in his arms and felt the goosebumps rise on her arms. His body moved on its own and started rubbing her arms up and down to warm her up.

Kevin moved from the group and thrust out his hand. Taking his proffered hand Jenna said in a faltering voice, "Hi."

Odd. Jason wondered what was making Jenna so nervous. Just moment ago she was as gungho as him in teaching these logheads not to underestimate yoga and how hard it can be. Maybe it was Kevin's size that had her a bit overwhelmed. Hell, he was even bigger than him that often times he felt like a midget standing next to him. And that was a hard thing to do.

Jason's gaze narrowed on their hands which Kevin was holding a little too long for him to like. He stepped back, pulling Jenna with him and threw Kevin a pointed look. Point taken he released Jenna's hand then asked, "So Jenna, how did you two meet? What do you do for a living? How-"

"What's up with the third degree?" Jason interrupted. He wanted to quickly get things started. He didn't have time for the barrage of questions. Besides they already knew what she did for a living.

"I'm a yoga instructor," Jenna answered.

Jason groaned.

Every one of their heads turned to him so fast he wouldn't been surprised if all of them got a crimp in their neck from the movement.

"So that explains it," said Kevin throwing a knowing look over Jenna's head."

"Explains what?" Jenna swiveled her head taking note all of their smirks. Then she turned her head around and up at him and repeated, "Explain what?"

"We found a yoga book belonging to our boy here. We thought he was going soft. But now..."

Kevin left his statement unfinished. He didn't need to finish what he planned to say because it was clear unspoken. Jason gone soft and gooey and willing to do anything at the cost of his manhood to impress his woman.

Jason bristled. If any of them knew what they were missing they wouldn't be standing around cracking jokes and laughing at him. Sex with Jenna wasn't the same as he had with any another woman. They pale, no their bedroom intimacies were duller than a grey, rainy day, when compared to what to he and Jenna shares in the bedroom. Or living broom. Bathroom.

It wasn't just the yoga sex either. It was the woman. Always, always she manages to make him harder, wanted to delve deeper into her sweet, tight channel and come harder than he ever thought was humanly possible. And as soon as he wrung out to dry with a single touch of her sweet hands on any part of his body has his dick at rock hard standing ovation seeking her warmth again like a heat-seeking missile.

"Oh that's so sweet." Jenna pivoted in his embrace and cupped face. Her brow arched knowingly and he shrugged in answer, silently not denying he was researching advanced yoga positions for them to try.

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