Inclination [H.S.] by peanutboyfriend
Inclination [H.S.]by birdie
MATURE CONTENT WARNING // You laugh, "nothing can ever be easy for you, can it?" He hums and pushes the strap from the edge of your skin and guides it down y...
  • exploration
  • queer
  • styles
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Harry Tales by peanutboyfriend
Harry Talesby birdie
A collection of sexy short stories & full stories with twists and feels. All of these stories contain explicit sexual content. Some of them contain violence and recreati...
  • heartbreak
  • fluff
  • eroticromance
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Bad Boy Religion - COMPLETED by anitta101
Bad Boy Religion - COMPLETEDby Anitta Padú
MATURE DO NOT READ IF YOUR UNDER 18 - explicit content, vivid sexual descriptions, mature content, and lots of fucking cussing R E L G I O N noun - a parti...
  • nerd
  • vampire
  • wattys2018
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My Gay Best Friend by ella_now
My Gay Best Friendby ella_now
  • funtime
  • romance
  • eroticromance
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Run (Disasters in Love: Book 1) (COMPLETE) by ehmain
Run (Disasters in Love: Book 1) ( E.H. Main
Book ONE of the "Disasters in Love" series. Just out of an unhealthy relationship, Katarina decides to give up on men all together... Only to meet Bentley, a t...
  • celestialawards
  • loveforall
  • featured
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Her Bully by 2ChangeElisa
Her Bullyby Elisabeth Marks
Whoever said that high school was going to be the best four years of your life was dead wrong. My high school experience consisted of acne, baby weight, ill-fitting clot...
  • bully
  • eroticromance
  • secondchance
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Just a Game » Dave East by BlackGirlLost_
Just a Game » Dave Eastby BlackGirlLost_
Lex's fling with her brother's best friend was supposed to be just a game...until he started breaking all the rules.
  • daveeastff
  • eroticromance
  • friendstolovers
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Boarding School  by Flammability
Boarding School by Flammability
"Strip," she repeats. I gulp. "H-here?" "Yes," her voice sounds like it was beginning to get agitated. I slowly comply to her command...
  • lgbt
  • eroticastories
  • sexscenes
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My Little Flower by Markimoo_darkibae
My Little Flowerby Markimoo_Darkipoo
[Nothing was clear anymore, my home life, school life or social life. He was what was wrong with me. Tormenting me constantly, using my delicate brain to play games with...
  • youtube
  • darkiplier
  • demons
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The Intruder [Erotica One-Shot] by DarkConcertine
The Intruder [Erotica One-Shot]by Spektra Lina
I've seen you from afar. Call me a stalker but the way your ass looks in jeans could give this girl fantasies she'd never want to leave. From so far away, enough is enou...
  • sexscenes
  • stalker
  • eroticromance
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Seducing Doctor Keystone **THIS VERSION IS ABANDONED** by ScarlettQuin
Seducing Doctor Keystone **THIS Scarlett Quinn
After her mother dies, Billie is struck by the darkness that is depression and anxiety. After much persuading from her father and aunt, Billie starts visiting her GP for...
  • love
  • gap
  • sexy
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The Damned by PamBurgundy
The Damnedby Pamelanor B.
#40 Chicklit "Are you scared of me, princess?" I speak softly to my trembling wife, "Yes Master." I sit on the solitary chair, an armless hulking pie...
  • marriage
  • dubious
  • harsh
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The Curse Of An Alpha *MATURE* by nikola-does-art
The Curse Of An Alpha *MATURE*by Nikola
VERY GRAPHICALLY MATURE. ***There are MATURE chapters in this book.*** "What's your name?" His voice was a delicate murmur in her ear. "Alice," she...
  • matureaudience
  • romance
  • afterdark
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Mated to the Blood Alpha by CheyannGluck
Mated to the Blood Alphaby Cheyann Gluck
Kira awakens one night to find her pack house is under attack by Dark Moon pack. After she escapes she finds herself alone, the soul survivor of the massacre (or so she...
  • matebond
  • pack
  • werewolf
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Friends.. with Benefits 😉🥀  by TheEroticSeries
Friends.. with Benefits 😉🥀 by TheEroticSeries
Sasha and Damere we're friends for the longest, since the sixth grade. After high school, they decided to buy an apartment to live in together. They were always close, b...
  • eroticromance
  • eroticastories
  • adult-content
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Friends With Benefits 18+ by ElphWizard
Friends With Benefits 18+by Hazel
What happens when two friends who had known each other their whole lives, reach the end of senior year, and realize that they want something more from each other, someth...
  • eroticromance
  • romance
  • eroticastories
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Like a Moth to a Flame - (BWWM) A Romantic One Shot by AngeltheAuthor320
Like a Moth to a Flame - (BWWM) Angel The Author
A mysterious invitation to a Masquerade party leads a young, curious woman on an adventurous night she'll never forget. This is a one shot written for a Wattpad Romance...
  • romance
  • mysterious
  • shortchapters
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More To Love by nerdyflirtykari
More To Loveby Kariscia
Head up! Confidence level high, Be you! That motto has been said to Marielle Johnson since she was eight by her best friends Carson and Jayden Hector. It definitely wor...
  • teenfiction
  • crush
  • interraciallove
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I can't Love you by foreverloveforyou
I can't Love youby Lovethisxd
When belle has a one night stand with her best friends brother, Why can't They stay away from each other? *mature content starts at chapter 4
  • romance
  • erotica
  • lovestory
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Redeemed My Soul by ter1984
Redeemed My Soulby Romance Writer
Mason lost his parents when he was twelve years old, and the day his mom died his entire world collapsed. Social Services put Mason and his two sisters into the foster...
  • eroticaromance
  • lovestory
  • husband
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