On the Mat - Chapter 6

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At this moment, I've started my annual spring/summer break from blogging so I can focus more on my writing. I'm three chapters away in the 4th and final story in the series before I begin the editing hell stages.  So I'll be uploading a lot of chapters in the next few days. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Now here's chapter six.

"You want me to what?"

Jenna stared at Jason wondering where this favor he asked of her came from. She had just placed plates of foods on his coffee table when he came in through the door. The alarm went off and was turned off seconds later.

Before he had the chance to reset it she'd flown through the living-dining room and into his arms where he soundly kissed her until her knees gave out. Making her want to strip her clothes-

No Jenna. Remember. You promised to balance the physical with the emotional and mental.

"How was your day," she asked instead, her lips still pressed against his, her desire to feel him inside her far from abated.

"Not so good." His tongue slipped into her mouth and suckled hers into his own. Goddess, she loved it when he did that. He pressed a gentle, butterfly kiss before pulling away. He smiled down at her and said, "But with your help it might get better."

"Oh?" Their hands laced together and she pulled him towards the leather couch. She sat him down and plated him quesadillas shaped like ghosts with avocado dip. There was also freshly popped popcorn covered in lime green jello and mini marshmallows. A punch made of frozen limeade, Sprite and lime sherbet. And a smaller bowl filled with gummy worms. "How can I help?"

"My platoon mates want to meet you."

Jenna's heart raced in excitement. He'd already met her friends. She meant to usher him along in her way of thinking. After all people who are having just sex with each other don't get introduced to the people they love and care about. Family and friends. Friends who were family. And they've been acting like- no they were- a couple.

Of course they still had sex. Mind blowing, forget her name, birthday and social security sex. But they also go out on dates. They've shared their dreams and fears. Stories about growing up. All coupley things. Though he never said or clarified what their relationship status was Jenna could tell by the way he looked at her that he felt something more than lust. He wanted her and she'd never get tired of how much so. But she also noticed how much he wants to make her laugh and smile and simply be by her side as much as he can. He looked at her as if she was precious and would die to protect her and keep her happy.

So even thought he hasn't said anything, deep in her heart, Jenna knew that they were a couple.

This new camaraderie they've started and she promoted was working.

Jenna beamed, her lips spread wide in a smile shining bright with the happiness she felt spreading throughout her body like warm honey. "I'd love to meet your friends."

Jason snorted. "More like bastards who deserved a good beating."

"Huh?" Jenna tilted her head, confused. "Why all of a sudden you want to beat up your friends?"

The look he gave her before he reached for his plate, picked up a quesadilla and shoved in his mouth bordered on sheepish. Jenna didn't believe it or thought him capable of feeling that particular emotion. The man- her man if she had to say anything- was confident. To a fault. Supremely.

She wondered what could've happened that could make him blush? She really wanted to know. And it didn't take a genius to know where or who to go to find out.

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