With a Touch - Chapter 9

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I am sssssooooo sorry. The final chapter of With a Touch was supposed to release last Friday. I apologize for the readers following this series.

Life happened, my writer's block not going down without a fight. And my two little carriers of joy gave me a cold. But I'm back and  I hope you've enjoyed reading the series.

So without further ado here's chapter 9!:

"Don't move bitch?" The brittle voice of a woman who was about to snap spoked from behind. She jammed something cylinder, which Felicite' hoped wasn't what she thought it was, into her back. "Now move over there."

She faced similar situations a few times already so did as she said. Although not with a little jab. At least to get some information. And as an outlet for her own stupidity.

"Okay, okay," she walked towards in the direction she believed the woman wanted towards Olivia. Looking over her shoulder, she stiffened slightly at the confirmed sight of the gun. "But you might want to be more clear in what you want."

"Shut up," she hissed. 'You've ruined everything. I made sure to have you caught on tape. So why is it instead of becoming somebody's bitch you're over here messing with my man!?"

"Don't you mean my husband?" said Olivia from behind her back. Felicite' almost forgotten about her. As soon as she stood next to her the trembling woman stepped out of view using her body as a shield.

"Shut up!" Felicite' felt as if she was staring into a mirror. A bizarro world mirror. She was slimmer and slightly taller than her by several inches. Her eyes, wide, widened into saucers like a crazed, injured and cornered animal. Curly hair blown out and standing on end in most parts and showing her tracks.

"He doesn't even love you. He loves me. Jeff told me so. He's going to divorce you but I know all about you. You're just going to drag things out to take all his money."

"It's not like I don't deserve it," Olivia mumbled but Ms. Fake Me Sidechick hadn't heard her.

"I love him but his heart isn't completely mine because of you." Her voice lowered at an octave on the last three words that sent a shiver down her spine. Pointing her gun at Felicite' and the little bit of elbow jutting out from behind her, she continued, "But once I get rid of his slut ex-girlfriend from his past and the greedy soul sucking bitch wife, all that'd be left is me, his future"

"Sounds like a lovely plan...What's your name?"


"Brandi? That's a nice name. But Brandi how would Jeff think about this plan of yours? I'd think he'd be-"

"You don't nothing about him so don't talk to me like you do. You're the one who dumped him and then you show up, flaunting yourself in front of him years later. For what?"

"It sounds like you know something about me."

"Of course. Olivia told me everything."

Despite herself Felicite' turned her head around and glared at the waifish barbie doll behind her. Instead of looking sheepish she glared back, jaw tensed and eyes skewering into hers, she wondered if Olivia would turn on her and partner with Brandi to get rid of her.

"Olivia came to me and explained everything," Brandi spat, her face twisting in a grimace often seen in horror movies. "How you twisted Jeff around your finger before breaking his heart in high school. How you were such a freak in bed he couldn't forget you. So much so that sometimes he'll call your name in bed. And how he's only using me because I remind him of you."

Felicite' glanced around the room for the exits. She didn't know where the others were but she hoped they were on their way soon. There was only so much time that she could keep Brandi talking before she went ahead with her master plan.

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