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"Y/N! How are you hanging?" you heard Krystal ask in your earpiece, trying to hold back another laugh at her lame joke

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"Y/N! How are you hanging?" you heard Krystal ask in your earpiece, trying to hold back another laugh at her lame joke. You hung onto the latter, slowly climbing back up until you felt a hand reach out to pull you inside of the helicopter. Regaining your balance, you looked up to see Krystal giving you a wide smile. 

"Here you go." You tossed over the gem to Krystal, slightly chuckling to yourself as you saw her face turn into a panic while she tried to keep it placed securely in her hand.

"Y/N don't scare me like that!" she scolded, walking on over to grab a cloth bag to put the jewel in. 

"Sorry, Krystal. Anyways did you get the identity of the person who attacked me?" you asked, stepping closer to her computer. With a nervous look, Krystal placed the bag down before joining beside you. 

"Good news and bad news." You sighed, wanting to know the bad news first.

"Alright bad news was that I couldn't identify who it was. No matter how many cameras I looked at, or how many devices I tried to scan beneath his mask, no result." You continued to stare at her screen, looking at the photo of the man in the gold mask.

"The good news is that he's not a party guest." You frowned, turning to Krystal as you wondered why that would be good news. Krystal gave you a grin, assuring you that she knew what she was doing.

"That means that he was assigned to be there to stop you." Your eyes widened, gasping as you connected the pieces.

"That's why he had a gun too. He knew we were going to be there."


The man continued to lean against the balcony frame, watching as the helicopter in the distance flew further and further away. He smiled to himself, wondering who the mystery lady was behind the mask and how she was bold enough to steal the jewel. 

"What happened here?" Hearing a voice call out from behind, the man turned around to see his partner rushing in with a few officers behind him. 

"They got away," he chuckled out, only to receive a hard blow to the arm in disappointment. He let out a small groan of pain, wincing as he rubbed his arm from where he was hit.

"This isn't funny. You're our top agent and we've entrusted you with this mission but you've let them get away? That was an expensive gem you know."

"I am well aware Namjoon. I won't let it happen again," the man assured his partner Namjoon, turning around to walk out of the room to allow the officers to investigate. Namjoon could only stare at the back of his partner walking away, slightly confused as to why this mission had failed.

"What happened to you, Min Yoongi?"

"There she is! My top spy," your boss Hyuna exclaimed with joy, running over to give you a big hug from another successful mission. Despite her being one of the most brutal people in the world, running the most dangerous mafia business, she'll always have a soft spot for her team.

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